2019-01-01 York Harbor Beach 2


It was a rough storm that moved through here in York Maine on New Year’s Eve and I had already turned down an offer to do a live Water Blessing video for LovingWaters on Facebook.

However as I had an appointment in York Harbor and the sun was shining to my surprise… I was guided to go York Harbor Beach and as you can see in the above photo … this is what I encountered

So how could I not do a Water Blessing ???

Please enjoy this amazing moment on the 1st day of the year as Water and Earth embrace each other as ancient partners in this dance I call Living Presence.

When I was finished and cold from the rawness of the winds, my heart was renewed with wonder and enchantment at how we are are being called to be Present for Mother Earth and Mother Water as well as all the Elements which have sustained us as living creatures here on this small planet.

2019-01-01 York Harbor Beach
This picture as I left invites us all to embrace the New Year more fully knowing that although there may be dark nights with storms, everything changes in the morning Light.

Happy New Year to you all,
Charlie Riverman Bergeron