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webhannet falls

Webhannet Falls Maine

Many people and groups around the world have been celebrating with and honoring our amazing planet and our relationship with its life supporting aspects through

Tonight on LovingWaters 
We gathered to listen to Maya Shaw Gale read her amazing children’s book called Little Bear which was inspired by Marshall Jack “Golden Eagle” which hopefully will be published soon.

(Please click on both links above to check out their amazing projects)

As I tapped into the theme for the day of Biodiversity the following words spilled onto the screen of my computer and are now presented for your enjoyment…

A Gentle Reminder as we gather water for our Blessings

Pouring Water into a bowl is a reflection of a waterfall forming into a small pond in which it will spend time attracting and supporting life forms that come, to sip and be nourished by its Elemental Spirit Nature

Pouring water from the bowl reminds us of the streams which have become rivers rushing forth to share the wealth of all that has dwelt along their banks and spread forth life along their wealthy shorelines creating Biodiversity

Biodiversity in turn improves water quality and helps ecosystems to withstand pressures from pollution.

And so, as we gather and return waters let us also think of how we are contributing to honoring Biodiversity as well.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.6.19