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Healing Message 2019-02-15

On the 16th of February @ 12 pm Est there was and amazing gathering of over 6500 Healers and Lightworkers around the World who sent Healing to the Earth, To Each Other and anyone who asked for it.
Most of them did not know each other but saw a simple request message by a friend on facebook and responded.
The power of this is still being felt and is rippling around the world as you read this.
The above picture contains the message I received as I began my day in preparation for my participation.

Here in the New there will be Healing Beyond which can be understood.
All over the Earth We are gathering in Light and Love beyond the Old Frequencies.
We may not know each other or appear to be Connected.

Together We are leaving the Safe Harbors and setting Sail.
Limitations can no longer tether Us to what is False or Controlling.

Know that the Light always Shines behind the Clouds
for it is Sun Beyond Suns which is calling Us Now
and it is Our response that will Change the Earth and Humanity.

Open your Hearts and Receive All that is Ours
to Be and Bring Through

2019-01-16 15.49.18.jpg

As I reflected on this amazing event and its full implications of how ready we are to move into NEW EARTH as evolutionary co-creators the above creation of
In The Light – We Are One
or We Are One – In The Light if you so choose to follow the clockwise path to the radiant center
These words below were brought through

Beyond the mindscape of our illusions
there is only Peace, Light and Love
Revolving and Evolving
In The Light – We Are One
~ Riverman