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So Much Magnificence Show Notes

The title of today’s talk is taken from the song I arose with playing in my head…
“So Much Magnificence” by Miten and Deva Premal

There is so much magnificence
Near the ocean
Waves are coming in

Maiden Ma Gu – Kuan Yin Oracle – Alana Fairchild

The Maiden Ma Gu, Goddess of Spring, healing and transformation, brings you assistance now. You are asked to honor that light can come from even the darkest beginnings, beloved one. In fact, sometimes we need to enter into the unknown parts of ourselves to find exactly what we need to grow in peace, creative self-fulfillment and happiness. The challenge can be to trust that we will arise from this darker place again. Just as the Spring always follows the Winter, beloved, so too will any inner work with the shadow precede a beautiful rebirth for you.

The word self-fulfillment in Kuan Yin’s message reminded me of how wonderfully powerful each us are when we align within our Hearts as Our Divine Sovereign Self.
All ideas of Separation become the sand that gets swept away by the Waves Of Love which cannot ever be ceased.

Abundance – Sacred Space Meditation Cards – Elinor Von Linden

My world is like the ocean, full of abundance.
I am in tune with its rhythm.
I flow with its ebb and tide.

As we think on those words let us remember that We are all powerful Creators which have been lost in a world of selfish indulgence.

We are a Force of Cosmic Energy that has the ability to not only transform the complete surface of Our Home – Mother Earth but transmute back into its original beauty and completeness.


As we feel into that Power I ask that each of you remember who you truly are beyond space and time.

Deepen into your vision of this to reach as far as you are now able to within yourself.
Feel the depth of your Soul
Embrace the Self which has no regrets
It has no regrets because it is Pure and Powerful beyond Human recognition

HMMMM… this is the Abundance and the Magnificence of what and who you truly are.

We are all being guided now by the Divine Mother and it does not matter how we see or feel Her Divine Grace…

We are now very rapidly revealing all that has been kept secret in order to have diminished and enslaved us in a life experience that was separation rather than the Unified Field of Light Presence We Truly Are

Order and Light cannot be destroyed but it can be hidden away behind thick walls of darkness which we have been building for so many lifetimes and now has reached the point of its ultimate weakness.

I’m guided to say that Darkness no longer has the power it appears to have.

As each of us let it move into the Light for exposure there becomes less density and in the field of less density We begin to flourish once again as it was in the original beginning.

Let yourself be guided gently into the Highest Chambers of your Inner Heart and keep steadfast as the shadows scream for your attention.

Have no fear for you are the Ocean and You are filled and surrounded by Magnificence

Their are no limits now to anything that aligns with Your True Self
WE are being fully realized and sent forth to ignite each other with Peace, Light and Love

May each of you feel in every moment… your power and ability to make evolutionary choices.
For We Are Truly Guardians of ALL Creation here on this Drop of Water we call home.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.10.20