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Willingness or Resistance to Truth – Show Notes 8.20.21

Last week I spoke about our moving forward into a new paradigm, and this morning I woke up with the word willingness clearly implanted in my mind.

As I repeated it over and over to remember it, the word resistance appeared.

These two words are what come to me as polar opposites, yet we can also be willing to resist something, and within that framework, it would be wise to take a deep look within ourselves.

Right now, in our collective human experience, there is much confusion and painful chaos amidst wonderful new understandings. It is right here that we begin our journey into the future expression of humanity.

If we look back into the distant beginnings, we see that many of our civilizations were not as primitive as we have been told in our history books as children.

I struggled with this when I was a child in History and Biology, and it became a part of my resistance to listen to authority. However, when I look at the present world, our relationship to Mother Earth and each other, I am brought to feel as though I had already seen what is happening.

Each of us is now being called to remember the choices we have made throughout our lifetime. Not to judge them or ourselves, yet to understand the results of those choices so that we may release those harmful ones and release them with loving-kindness.

Our resistance is a natural process within our brains and can be triggered by many actions and energies. It is many times a survival mechanism when fears rise to warn us of something threatening or dangerous. However, what is happening is that we are overriding our ability to accept Truth.

Truth is positive and our sense of direction into the future.

Here is where acceptance becomes essential to our future.

Can we accept radical change?

This question refers to our inner and wounded self that is now rising to be released or healed.

Carl Jung states quite poignantly, “We cannot change anything until we accept it.”

Willingness eventually becomes acceptance, and resistance becomes what we want to be true yet is only a mask to cover the pain and suffering of accepting our inner confusion and pain.

What is the Truth right now?

What is the impact of Truth on the past and future?

Where does Truth conflict with our thinking and behavior?

As for a Willingness to accept Truth, it is a great challenge for us, both as individuals and in a collective community.

A Course In Miracles expresses it in this card I pulled,

while asking for guidance to explain this:

Every loving thought is true.

Everything else is an appeal for healing and help, regardless of the form it takes.


Our answers and solutions all arise from within us, not around us.

“If we drag the past into the present, we program the future to be like the past.

Miracles occur in the present.” ~ Marianne Williamson

Let us all dive deeper into our hearts in search of the true story of our lives.

Let us be willing to release forever all those moments we created stories about to protect ourselves from the Truth.

Let us be brave and bold enough to change our perceptions of the teachings we have received that do not align with our magnificence.

It is knowing that the choices we make within our hearts are the energy that will change the future.

May you be safe and well on this journey and know that you are Love.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.20.21