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Sun Dog 2

Many times in our life we have had opportunities to look up at the sky and become filled with awe and wonder.  This photo I took years ago of the sky above Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, reminded me of a card I pulled this evening.

It was a Sacred Space Meditation Card by Elinor Von Linden, which in many ways resembled this one except for it being of pair of galaxies about 140 million light-years away from Earth.

The title of the card was simply…  “CHANGE”
It’s simplest message was… “Change is a permanent law of the Universe.”

It brought to mind once again that all we are now moving through, is for our ultimate benefit not our destruction.

If we continue to look at all the negative possibilities of change then we are foreseeing our future as a punishment.  It doesn’t make sense, but we will accept it as perhaps something we deserve for our selfishness or greediness.

On the contrary when we can see the potential of wonder and exploration, our energy shifts into a very inviting moment and we open to the awe of the unknown.

Are we not always being guided to create a New Day, where Our Higher Self is no longer hidden behind all of our shadows?
Of course We are , yet there are many we encounter everyday who will tell us we are dreaming or living in a fantasy.

We believe them because we were taught to believe them… to push aside our dreams and visions of the many possibilities Life continues to offer us.
Slowly changing ourselves into obedient little creatures that no longer can identify Real Truth.

Change Is Inevitable and it is about resurrecting that long ago lost feeling of empowerment, to return to making decisions from within our own Hearts.  

Becoming flashes of Light in the clouds that come to be seen and then disappear,  leaving an indelible impression on both ourselves and those who see us.

The more We do it … the more others will witness and question their own abilities to burst  free from the clouds

The last affirmation on this card is,“As I change my mind, I am then able to change my life.”

Take another look at the Sun Dog above and feel it in your Heart. Knowing that it is a gift to remind you, of who and what you are when you let go of all the stories about you.

Change Is Inevitable and you are the Change Maker.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.2.20