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Embracing Integrity

Integrity is the word that presented itself to me as I thought about this Presence of Light talk.
I received it on the evening before my talk and allowed it to just silently hold space within me as I retired to bed.

I know that it was given to me to sleep with and that in my everyday 3D life there is now a deep healing of separation that began long ago as a choice we made as Ancestors.

Whole and complete is how we began this evolutionary journey we call Life and we are now becoming aware of how divided and unbalanced our existence has become. So we seek within our hearts in order to find a way to come back into balance.

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How do we begin to embrace integrity within ourselves and encourage others to join along with us?
…The state of being whole and undivided
Being true to oneself in honorable and moral uprightness
Honesty and truthfulness
Balanced and consistent in making conscious choices
accurate, thoughtful and intentional…

I urge others to seek words which resonate truthfulness within you and write them down to act as a quick reminder when you are feeling your integrity is being threatened or compromised.

The above gathering of words is from random sources which as I seek out information I jot them down in my own sequences, in order to create for myself a deeper resonance which I can then fully embrace.

Reach Out

And so, as I leave you to listen or watch the talk I offer these words, both above in the photo and below, each of which arose from my Heart from a Deep Well of Integrity.

“Integrating our many separate selves and living in Integrity is a key force in moving beyond the illusions to that vaster Self which dwells within our Hearts where conditions are not found because they have no support system.” – Riverman

Blessings To Each of You
Charlie Riverman