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Rhododendrons 6.12 2019.jpg

Sometimes we get caught up in the frenzy of catching up with ourselves.
So as I get “closer to closure” to ending this unique episode
of abstract teaching, which the Universe provides me for free…

The flowers reminded me to stop
and to see their absolute gratitude
for all the rain we have been having

They speak in volumes
of how we are blessed every day
with some new awareness

Even when we are not seeking
their revelatory input
they wait silently until we can see it

Quietly attracting the Bees
whose busyness is dedicated
to thriving not just survival

Reminding so cunningly
that it is time to now reflect
on the Gift of Light and Water

Without which, neither our cunningness,
nor our busyness
could ever be enough to sustain us

Riverman 6.12.19

Sun on York River