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Moving Forward and Upward

After a week off from my talks, due to being at the American Dowsing Society Convention in Plymouth,NH a gentle calm and greater
self-awareness appears to be unfolding.

I do not relish public events or crowds of any kind as I tend to get affected by the energies of large groups very easily.

However this event and being with friends whom I had never met in person, going on adventures which were not even on our horizon of awareness and being in such synchronicity, has confirmed for me that moving forward and upward is not to be taken lightly.

We are evolving in so many subtle ways that fears and judgments are just slipping away into the vast space behind us.

A Hearty Thank You to each of you and Big Hugs for being here now during these amazing times of deep and universal change.

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Moving Forward and Upward – June 5 2019

Sacred Space Meditation Cards – Elinor Von Linden

My Rich Life – Mine is an abundant life, full of variety.
Source enriches my life in many ways.

Affirmations – The Universe responds to me.

There are no limitations or boundaries.

All levels of my desire are fulfilled.

I need only to adjust my will and to accept the realization of my dreams.

I honor the gifts and diversity the Universe has supplied me.

Life Cards – Rev Susan Collins

Heal – Compassion creates the conditions for health.

Wound – The serpent strikes but doe not always have venom.

Comment – Most healing is self-healing, and it can occur when we focus on and expect it. Others may try to wound us, but generally they only have that power if we allow it. If the situation is toxic, make choices to create better outcomes.

Kuan Yin Oracle – Alana Fairchild

Bamboo Moon – Did you know that there are no mistakes in the Universe and all events, circumstances, relationships and situations are unfolding in perfection with the timing and intelligence of the Divine plan?

Any apparent delay is in your favor.

If something is happening fo you right now, then that is perfect too. Divine timing is perfection. It is safe to trust this now.