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Full Moon Rising 7.16.19.JPG

This picture is of the rising moon on 7.16.19, and a reminder of some particularly interesting energies we all may be experiencing.

The word CHANGE is what describes most of what we are now moving through, with almost each breath we take.

We need to remember that Change is a perfectly natural law of the Universe and there is nothing to become frightened about.
While Fear is the most counter productive force (other than for physical survival) that we experience as humans.

Are we fearful of change??? For most people the answer is Yes. This results in our repeating the same things over and over again, becoming more unhappy and deeply lacking self-worth.

As in the photograph above we can see the Moon has Her normal white light of the Sun’s reflection yet there is a halo of light around it, which for some could be ominous or foreboding.  Either way it is how we interpret it, that will Change the outcome we choose to receive from it.

This is what this Moon is all about…

Every day is a new opportunity.
Once we have seen something new, we have to let go of our old limited perception of it.

It is an opportunity to open ourselves to something we may never have dreamed about or even thought possible.

It is a gateway through which we will all pass, however some will be screaming and kicking.

Helix Nebula

So take a look at everything that is showing up in your path right now and begin to question whether you are looking at it as a contradiction to a belief you may hold or a behavioral pattern you may not wish to give up yet.

Begin to Honor Your Self and realize that the Universe is presenting this to you in order for you to catch up or join in with it’s Evolution.
It is reminding you that you are an integral part of it, not a separate entity.
That if you choose to let go of your little fears and join in with it, you will shift into a much more loving and acceptable human being and be supported fully as a part of the whole.

Many Blessings to You All… I know the journey is not easy but I can assure you that it will never be dull and boring.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron