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Being In Service

Beings Of Service 8.9.19

Let’s think more about how We can honor each other as Beings of Service.

Yesterday was the Alignment of the Earth, the Star Sirius and the Galactic Center more commonly known as Lion’s Gate and a reminder of our connection to the powerful and unlimited energies of Creation.

As I rode to an Entrainment appointment in the morning I passed to lambs in a fenced area alongside the road.
Never before had I seen them on this road which I take frequently yet there they were, to give me the message that “The Lion will lay down with the Lamb.”

There is a similar passage in the bible which speaks of a time when “Paradise would be restored”

This is a part of the magic that happens when We choose to align within ourselves with our Heart Center and shine as bright stars here on this amazing planetary home we have chosen to live on.

This morning the first card of the day was…

Sacred Space Meditation Cards
I am an energetic worker and I am willing to serve.

As I serve others I serve my higher power.


As I journey through each day with joyous intentions, I bring assistance and pleasure to others.

I look for opportunities to serve, even if it is just a smile and a friendly gesture.
I know that I serve others, I serve my Creator.

So with these thoughts as a prelude let us look deep within ourselves… at the unique abilities and gifts each of us have to offer in service to each other and all life around us.

I know that those of you who listen to my talks or read my blogs when I find time post them are here right now to be of Service to Uplift the Energy in yourselves and all life around you.

Every time We reach from deep within Our Hearts to serve others we are drawing the Light within us to the outer self and honoring each other as One Unified Presence.

This is no illusion or trick but a re-enactment and honoring of the original creation of energy into form.

For us to not do this has been the process which has led to all the suffering we now see so blatantly before us.

The Life Cards DREAM/FANSTASY card reads as follows…
Dream – the story in the dream may guide the journey.
Fantasy – Dreams without action will stay in the future

It reminds me of how many dreams I have had in my life as to who I would be or what I desired that went unfulfilled.
Yet my childhood Dream of being loved and accepted is no longer a childish desire but manifesting in more ways than there are flowers to admire.

This speaks to me of how We have the innate power to choose between Fantasy and Reality by honoring the dreams which align with our hearts rather than our minds.

Our minds are always in a state of need or want and have no ability to fully understand Peace, Light and Love. They are not who We truly are but a valuable part of us as information gatherers, a warning system and a processor of energy to guide us but not rule us.

It is Peace, Light and Love which have been held merely as the desires of the Dreamer.
So keep dreaming and stop telling yourself it can’t happen.
For when We align our dreams and our minds with our hearts everything is not only possible but we become actively In Service to all Life.

Affirmations For The Everyday Goddess

Wheel Of Fortune

“There are an infinite number of possibilities in my life.”

Fortune teaches us to embrace the unfolding of life’s events while paradoxically reminding us to take responsibility for creating personal destiny. As the universe expands and evolves, its mysteries become part of matter. You are a part of the cosmos and as such, you co-create your own reality.

The Wheel of Fortune is not a game of chance at the beach as I remember it in being my childhood.

It is a reminder of the many positive choices we can make at any given point in our spiraling path of life.

It is a representation of the abundance of Creation “the whole (absolute) cosmic pattern”

which we can utilize in any given moment.

It reminds and gives us another opportunity to once again choose to Serve in alignment with Our Higher Self. Remembering that any form of separation from our hearts or the emotions it may cause us to feel or experience is only the Roaring Lion

The Lion will lay down with the Lamb when the Lamb chooses to no longer be fearful of it’s True Identity and lives in Service rather than Fear.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.9.19