Shine Brilliantly (framed)

This morning as I was reading through the many emails that I did not open during the week, I was struck by an article which contained the poem in the above Museography picture I created.

Each of us have a capacity to over focus on what we feel is deeply needed for our success and sense of human fulfillment.
Yes! We are prone to keep our noses to the proverbial grindstone which has no real power over us, other than to lose sight of everything else around us.

I knew that I had to honor this and found the picture of the 3 Crystal Pyramids I had taken a couple of years ago.

And Boom!!!

I was instantly reminded of the Light We Are and so easily forget about, especially when we direct our energies on the frequencies of life which separate us from all of Our natural and amazing abilities.

Not only do We create a separation from others in that process but we actually become separated within as well, ceasing to broadcast Our Light into the world around us and each other.

Right now the messages that millions of people are receiving are to begin a re-evaluation process of everything the distracts us from Our deeper inner truth.

So just like the Crystal Pyramids in the photo let us…

Embrace the Light of the Sun that exists within us,
created even before our physical incarnation here,
and let it not be blocked by our clouded minds
of intense focus that is seeking recognition.

Lighten Up and Shine Brilliantly

Charlie Riverman Bergeron