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Dream Makers Awakening



Dream Makers Awakening

Usually on these Friday mornings before my talk I draw inspirations from my arising thoughts and then tap into a review of my last week’s flow of energies.

Very Busy on all levels of consciousness and a feeling of shifting is a close but vague description.

The 11:11 Gateway is still influencing all of us and today is 11:22 which I will comment on as follows…

Number 1122
An Energetic Blueprint of a Higher Spiritual Path in Alignment With Our Authentic Soul Purpose

11 Giving us Awakening and Positive Thoughts and Intentions

22 Encouragement for Our Achieving Greater Balance and Harmony

All of us more intensely being guided to listen very carefully to Our Innermost Guidance and to follow our hearts more closely and clearly.

CLARITY is the word that feels most appropriate right now as the confusion around us feels as if it is trying to swallow us and distort our intentions for embracing A New Earth.

Pulling a Sacred Space Meditation Card titled… Dream Maker
it reads…
The Universe blends everything in a harmonious way.
My dreams and desires are sustained by Divine Power.

Right now there are many who may not be having very nice Dreams as the world around us seems to be obsessed with marketing thoughts of greed and destruction.
This is a control mechanism based on the principles of Rule By Fear.

Not much different than what has been set into play over many lifetimes but through technology it has been carried deeper into our physical bodies and is having more dramatic effects.

The photo on the Meditation card shows a Light Echo which a space phenomenon where a Star erupts and the Light travels to Earth long after the Star burst.

Sometimes Our Dreams are like this where we begin to receive messages long after they were created in other dimensions of our multi-dimensional Self.

We are in the continual process of receiving them yet they do not fit into any of our daily patterns and we dismiss them and random and not important.

Herein lies today’s message to be more attentive to the Dreams which align and settle into our hearts.
Many times they are messages that we have left ourselves in other lifetimes or dimensions of existence.

We are here now to restructure the blocked and misaligned energy through both our own physical and genetic structures.

Our Supreme Consciousness is once again coming back online in spite of all the efforts to shut it down or control it.

The next card I pulled was from the 11:11 Alignment Cards which simply reads…
Illumina (Illumination)
Light I see
Light I feel
Light I Am

This is a reminder to keep Our conscious awareness from trying to figure out the darkness around us as it is a waste of Our Divine Energy.

Focus on what is Light and see it displacing the darkness in all of its forms.
Darkness has no real power except that which we give to it.

Return to being the One who dreams of positive energetic possibilities, realigning humanity to create more unification rather than separation. ||

We Are The Dream Makers Awakening
and in those amazing moments
WE Become the attractor field for the Love and Truth
of Our Divine Self

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