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Bringing You Home


Good morning it is January 9 2020 here on the south west coast of Maine in the USA.. however this Live Video was done on January 3rd. It has been an amazing week of energies which are without words to explain and they continue to flow as we deepen into 2020. (Links to the talk are also at the end of the Notes)

With that said, here are the Show Notes which I love to share with you all in case you do not have time to listen or watch as they are the Column of Energy that becomes visible.

Bringing You Home

What an amazing opportunity to celebrate together our process of returning Home through our hearts.

Not just another year but another decade, that we have been not only seeking but dreaming of. One in which we come together more deeply and more sincerely as we remember our true potential to Co-create in harmony and balance with only ripples of interference from our individual uniqueness.

As we begin this Journey together the message I received is to refresh our thought patterns and reset our higher channels of communication, in order to bring about the Deeper Field of living coherence from which Harmony and Balance will be restored into its True collective frequency.

The first card I pulled today was from A Course In Miracles and its message was…

…”All your past except its beauty is gone, and nothing is left but a blessing”… ACIM

Reminding me of how long my inner spiritual journey to this decade has been. Along with the many Little Blessings that have shown up so many times to keep me now held within the safe boundaries of my path.

Each of us now are being reminded that the world around us is looked upon by Spirit as a teaching device, a guidance system for bringing you home.

And so here we are with the title of today’s talk… Bringing You Home.

The second card I pulled today was from the Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Elinor Von Linden entitled…


Reminding us of our abilities to be leaders not just follow others as we are moving forward through our worldly paths.

The card reads…

I have a great leadership qualities.

I am courageous and strong.

I know the Universal Spirit guides me along.

The affirmations are…

As I take control of my own life, I know I have power and guidance.

My actions are divinely guided.

I am more powerful then I realize and I am tuned into many opportunities for achievement.

Isn’t it just amazing that amidst all of the distress, all of the pain and suffering in what we perceive as the ending of many things, which are dear to our hearts, we are actually going to begin our strengthening and stabilizing as well as co-create Fields of Existence that were lost and overwritten, yet kept alive within the depths of our hearts.

The last card is a Life Purpose Card with Support as the message

Meaning that Your Life Purpose fully supports you
and in this year of 2020 We will be reconnected our true Life Purpose.

This will represent our amazing diversity on all levels of Being-ness.

Each one of us with unique gifts of expression,
unique minds filled with wisdom,
even beyond our understanding and Hearts
excitedly waiting to express Love
not only for each other
but primarily with Divine Love
for who WE truly are.

We say yes to our journey of bringing each other home, to celebrate and appreciate All that life has to offer.

So we have a lot to look forward to…

And I want to offer this prayer to each of you…

Divine Mother and Father Creator

Blessed balance of divine masculine and divine feminine

WE who are your children

Embrace not only each other

WE embrace ourselves

Knowing within every molecule of our physical Being-ness

There is Peace, there is Light, there is Love

WE willingly surrender our stubbornness

WE willingly give up our greed

WE learn to look differently at pain and suffering

WE invite the True Divine Energy of our Immaculate Presence

To guide us as We begin this next pathway

That has been aligned with the highest intentions

For the nurturing and bringing into expression

of returning to OUR Home within our Hearts.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron written and spoken on 1.3.20