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Breathing In The Light

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Once again, we meet here on Humanity Healing Facebook to remember that our life experience is more than just being humans living separate lives.

We are each learning and remembering more about our Magnificent Presence, not only here on mother Earth, but also within a field of Greater Consciousness.

Our simple act of breathing is so much more than we have ever given thought to, as we just recently witnessed in an act of unimaginably vile human violence.

Today’s Sacred Space Meditation Card from Elinor Von Linden


“Breath is the basis of life, as I breathe in the power from Source: I know I have eternal life.”

Our breathing delivers awakening energy to our physical bodies which opens the gateways of our personal power as a Blessing.

Take a deep breath right now and feel your body expanding. Whether you breathe into the upper chest or fully expand your lower diaphragm you will feel a surge of energy that finds exactly where it is needed most.

This in many ways is the connection we have that has been taken for granted as just a simple process of bodily function. Yet, when it ceases we are no longer consciously aware of life in these physical bodies.

We are no longer able to experience each other in the state of Living Presence as so many of us have seen around the world now in the death of George Floyd.

I’m being guided to remind us all of how truly sacred each and every one of us is.

Of how truly sacred each and every breath we take is.

That each breath is a connection to the Universe which surrounds us and all of life within it.

Breathing is a Sacred Contract that allows us to experience each other in a physical form while dwelling on a physical form.

Let us take a moment to breathe gently and honor George Floyd whose last breath was such a profound message for us all during these moments of living expression.

…………………….. ……………………… ……………………

May we now call upon Kuan Yin… the Boddhisatva of Compassion who reminds us today to be a Shining Lotus through a message from the Kuan Yin Oracle Cards of Alana Fairchild.

“There are times when it makes sense to be discreet, until you find your inner strength so that you feel empowered enough to share your thoughts, feelings and beliefs without wavering, even in the face of challenge by another. At other times, we benefit ourselves and others by taking a risk, and allowing the inner lotus blossom of our true self to shine forth, for all to behold.”

It is truly the light we breathe in that assists us in tapping into the true compassion which we need to express more freely and more often.

It is the energy we need right now to take the risk of being seen and heard by all of humanity.

It is the call of Our True Self to embrace each other and leave behind the old patterns which have brought us to this place of Global suffering.

The acts of violence caused through deep inner wounding and hatred and which began and has been passed on through our genetic coding must now be revealed within our own hearts, so that we may release their energies forevermore.

There is now a Global Awakening of such grand proportions that it makes a pandemic look small in comparison, to its power and ability to rise and uplift humanity and to restore humanity to its rightful place among the Star Nations.


Kuan Yin supports us in actively sending our love and compassion into the World of Life. Breathing in Light and exhaling Love and Compassion without judgment upon anyone.

She asks us to keep our hearts open and to allow the Light we breathe to flow with ease and grace beyond our understanding, by trusting ourselves more deeply in our capacity to perform miracles.


A Miracle occurs every time our ability to surrender to Our Heart and embrace each other without fear or anger occurs.

At that moment the many ancient wounds of humanity’s struggle of separation from its True Source become less available to become re-manifested.

Simply by choosing to keep our hearts open and breathe in Light we become safe and more determined to fulfill the prophecies of our ability to co-exist in Peace and Harmony in spite of our many 3rd dimensional differences.

Kuan Yin offers us these words, “I am safe in my truth. I reveal myself with love, it is safe and fun to be me. My lotus light shines forth to benefit all humanity!”


A Prayer to Kuan Yin

Beloved Kuan Yin, mother of mercy and compassion, bless us all with a new capacity for understanding of all that is now necessary to gather our hearts together in Unity.

May you embrace and embody within us as the Divine Compassion that is contained within the Light we breathe into our hearts and also share forth from our lungs.

One Heart, One Light, One Love bringing forth Everlasting Peace to the hearts who are now suffering.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.5.20

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