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Let’s begin our talk today by gently quieting our minds.

The Sacred Space Meditation Card I pulled this morning offers us the word… Potential.

When you look at the title of today’s talk, Preparation Not Reparation, I want you to see how potential is a key in both of those actions.

The card Potential headlines the following statement, “I am a spring pouring forth from the ocean of universal potential.”

The affirmations given to us by Elinor Von Linden, the creator of these cards, are as follows…

I draw from the ocean of oneness.

I am open to the universe in all its forms.

It empowers me as I journey through this life as it leads me to a new voyage of discovery.


Right now, in this present moment of our evolution, each of us is a bit out of sorts. The many energetic frequencies that appear now in what would be chaotic patterns no longer support the old paradigm of life in which we have been operating.

A paradigm primarily serves as a pattern or a way for a living community to align with an intellectual viewpoint.

So, as a result of the corona-virus, instigating the shut down of the paradigm, each of us are now experiencing the collapse of the structure in which we live, that is not visibly seen yet we are functionally aligned with.


The words this morning that I arose with were questions that were posed to me by my Guides.

“Now that you recognize that everything in your life that has been prized, as the structure of your life, is now melting or fading away into nonexistence, what is your next step?”

My logical mind immediately went into the thought patterns of fixing it.

However, My inner heart was guiding me to prepare for something new, something not experienced before.

Here we are at a fork in the road, a fork in the road where our future existence as humans is being determined by someone other than ourselves.

It is vital for each of us, no matter how fearful we may be during this time-frame, to ground ourselves to our Beloved Mother Earth and know in our hearts that without this alignment, we become detached from the greater reality of Our True Creation.


Creation is our Gift, for We are Creator Beings, and when we hand over our offering to a paradigm that is telling us it will do our creating for us, then we have given away that part of Our Sovereign Self.

This process is why right now, humans all over the world are being challenged, and so many are suffering from energetic imbalances within their physical structure.

The key to remember for all of us right now is to come back into our physical body and pay attention to what is arising in us as a part of the separation that we are being forced to experience while being told it is a protective measure and for our welfare as a Collective Humanity.

Take time to listen and prepare whatever is needed to stabilize the personal physical energy fields which are out of balance.

Re-arrange your whole daily schedule if needed.

Granted, this is not easy if you have family members who are not flexible or respectful of your personal needs or their own.

However, taking the time to recognize what you now need to bring you back into a sense of balance is very critical right now.

It is also possible to see your loved ones’ behaviors and to try and recognize how their patterns are out of alignment, as well as encourage them to honor themselves in a better way during this time.

Everyone is reacting to these changes differently, and respecting each other as individuals are critical.

Try to remember that we are now preparing for a future existence in a New World.
One that we are co-creating right now through every thought and action.

Remember that our actions are always results of thoughts or impulses.

Our thoughts and impulses now need to align with a more excellent vision than what we have been experiencing for the past thousands of years.


The idea of Reparation is merely inadequate and only serves to bring up all the reasons why we need to move beyond it.

We need to end what no longer works or helps our planet or ourselves and begin to create something new.

Reparation is the old band-aid approach and helps only those selling band-aids, not those who are suffering.

Thoughts of reparation are based on what someone else thinks you need rather than creating what you need.

We can do this together with every new thought pattern that arises to address the moment.

Each moment is a new opportunity for us to co-create offering strength to the structure of the New Paradigm and the Future Generations of Humanity.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.3.20

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