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It's A New Day

Good Morning and Welcome to A New Day…

Of course, every day is a New Day, yet we don’t always greet every day as the gift it truly is or can be if we let go of our trauma and drama.

Today’s Card from the Sacred Space Meditation Cards Deck by Elinor Von Linden was already in play, even before I pulled it.

I was cleaning and organizing old files on my computer to create a New starting point to record my future adventures in life when I realized I had not thought about today’s talk.

I had drifted into a place between timelines where everything was flowing simultaneously, and I was at peace in the middle of it.

Perhaps you also feel that at times, and it might upset you to come back into the 3D self and might even chastise yourself for being so flaky.

Yet that flow “IS” the New Day.

The day in which We begin to realize that our multi-dimensional self is not a fantasy. It is the energy rising within us that has been stuck or stuffed in those deep and dark pockets of our memory.

The Card reads…


“I leave behind the pain of the past.

I create my new day full of wondrous things.”

I want you all to stop for a moment and allow that to trickle into your consciousness.

I know that each of us has struggled with letting go of past experiences, which were scenes of horror and pain. Those were the moments that became the parts of ourselves self which indeed held us back from being free in our true spiritual nature.

However, New Days brings us to establish foresight and encourage us to release what no longer serves us as sovereign beings.

To be free and sovereign, we have to remove all the obstacles blocking or holding us in a stagnant life pattern. However, here is where we get stuck.

A card from the Soul Inspirations Message Cards by Kahliya offers three positive statements that are wonderful for resetting our minds and allowing us to get back into the forward and upward directions of life.

I Forgive

I Release

I AM in Peace

For us to move into this fantastic New Day, we have to be willing to leave behind or erase the old hard drives in our heads. Unconsciously I was doing that, as I was working with the computer.

Many times the thoughts appeared of, Oh, I might need that, or can I let that go up during the process.

When I clicked the delete button, I was happy to say, if I need them in my future, I can re-create them in better versions.

Every day is a New Day.

Wonderful and beautiful moments await us.

We are the ones who will create them.

Not out of selfishness or greed but from within our hearts.

It is from within our hearts that all healing starts its journey, and that is not just for ourselves, but for everyone.

We heal when we say yes, to a New Day, and in that exact moment, we treat at least five others to an opportunity for healing.

Let’s take a deep breath and embrace what life would be like if we all could release ourselves from this ancient bondage to pain and suffering.

I will end with this quote from A Course In Miracles

“The healing of God’s son is all the world is for.

That is the only purpose the Holy Spirit sees in it and thus the only one it has.”

T,512 A Course In Miracles

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.10.20