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York River 5.28.16

Today is the day out of time

The day of no months

The day of no week

The dawn of a new Galactic Year.

It is also Global Water Appreciation Day.

We are in this frequency and structure of galactic void where we wait within our hearts. Together with each other and our star families at the gateways. Through which the birth of our Solar System and our beloved Mother Earth led to creating a home for the human species.

We are gathered here as the Gate Keepers, so let us remember the Waters as they formed and collected as a part of our Ancient Galaxy. Flowing in its sovereign beingness into our amazing Universe and Planet, as well as into each of us as we were formed within our mothers Womb

Let it be our greatest joy and pleasure to remember and honor all Water, from which there is never any separation even in isolation. Each drop of Water holds the memory of all life, and it is the bringer of life, the bearer of life, and the essence of life in many dimensions.

Dr. Masaru Emoto chose this day to be Global Water Appreciation Day. Let us begin by receiving his simple words into our hearts.

I love you

I thank you

I respect you

Then express them to the Water

We can then represent the grail cup from which both Grace and Glory flow into every dry well and replenish it.

To the Divine Mother, we bow in honor and thanksgiving for all, that is seen and unseen, from within this Sacred space, and may we always remain those who will hear the Sweet Voice of Water throughout all dimensions, whether consciously aware of them or not.

Close your eyes if they are not already closed.

Breathe in through your mouth and feel the water evaporating as a cool breeze.

Feel it as it enters into our lungs and deposits water throughout our whole body.

Yes, even the Element of Air carries the Water as a Water Bearer into our physicality, and as it flows through Our amazing structures, May we remain mindful of how precious it truly is.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.25.20