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Good morning and may your day be filled with wonder.
Let us begin our little talk this morning by quietly feeling our heartbeat.

Place your hands anywhere on your body, perhaps over your heart, and know that your heart’s pulsing rhythm is there to remind you that you are here in this physical world.

“To love for the sake of being loved is human, but to love for the sake of loving is angelic.” – Alphonse de Lamartine

My first card pulling of the day was from the Animal Spirit Guidebook by Kim Krans, as I felt called by the animal world to listen more deeply.

The card was “BEAR,” which reminds us of her Awakening from a deep slumber in the darkness and the cold.
She is the messenger of an ending cycle, much like Winter. Yet on a spiritual level where the Awakening is not only cold and lonely at times, it is “full of obstacles” and frightening.

However, Spring brings forth newness to all living beings. It represents a time of renewal and regeneration – a time of great transformation.

The message of the card –

WHEN IN BALANCE: inner strength, yearning to grow
WHEN OUT OF BALANCE: withdrawal, lethargy, heaviness
TO BRING INTO BALANCE: movement, exercise

A Course In Miracles Card I randomly pulled next, states the following –
“It will be given you to see your brother’s worth when all you want for him is peace. And what you want for him you will receive.”

Trusting each other is being triggered deeply within us as we leave our Spiritual Winter’s cold cave.

Take a moment to focus on the world around you into which you are now Awakening. I am sure many things appear that are frightening and make you want to dive back into the cave and stay there.

Our Trust will not come from outside of us.
We have to become quiet inside and listen for those voices that are calm and kind and feel like Love is speaking to us.

The Sacred Space Meditation Card for today is “Voices,”
and it “shows the jet from a Black Hole at the center of a galaxy striking the edge of another galaxy.”

This card’s affirmations speak of surrendering to a place within ourselves, where our Creator and the many Angels and Guides of this multi-dimensional field of existence are heard clearly.

Here in this State of Awareness is Peace, Light, and Love, which nurtures us constantly.
The Inner Sanctum or perhaps the Mother’s Womb, which is not physical yet more real than our physicality.

The most recent voice for me was the Angel Hadraniel, whose Presence is overpowering on many levels. Hadraniel’s mission is all about Love.

To awaken us all to remember its passion.
To awaken us to its divine source.
To have us generate it to all life forms that we may encounter along our path.

Our Awakening In Full Trust is filled with overcoming the painful past.

We are allowing the Waters of our Precious Hearts, the tears, to flow freely and yet knowing that when they reach Mother Ocean, She will receive them and welcome them into Her Greater Heart with Love and Gratitude.

Trusting Love is perhaps the most frightening part of living in a human body.
Love is the most significant source of energy we have to offer each other.
Love is the antidote for fear and suffering, yet we are continually and subconsciously entrained to believe it is their cause.

When we accept that Love is a problem rather than the cure of all our irrational behaviors, Trust becomes damaged, dysfunction rapidly moves into our physical and emotional Presence, diminishing who WE indeed are.

In closing our little talk this morning, let us become more loving and kind to ourselves by witnessing our willingness to let go of what is in the cave of our long night’s sleep.
Let us accept the courage of our Guides and Teachers, who are encouraging us to take another step forward in our evolution.

Let us All remember that We are never alone…
WE are not lost or alone in a world of chaos.
WE are returning to innocence through compassion.
WE are sovereign hearts who lift each other through our Unity, not our separation.


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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 9.4.20