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Today is a fantastic day in my life journey!
It is a day in which I have an opportunity to embrace my death in a motorcycle accident 29 years ago.

It is a foreign concept or an expression that has appeared as an exaggeration of imagination for most people.

We live in a world of form that has created its own rules of existence based on what human perception has allowed to become standard information.

Within that field of information, we are held captive in a limited experience.

I offer each of you an opportunity today to open your awareness to a much broader spectrum.

One in which you begin to let go of all your limited teachings and beliefs -knowing that you can learn to see life with a more excellent perception of your part within it.

Your excellence is not based on materialism but your Light Presence and ability to support Love and Kindness in a world that has been held captive by those whose selfish purposes are no longer sustainable.

Bless You All as I begin year number 30 of this journey in Peace, Light and Love in ways that are yet to unfold

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.20.2020