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Betwixt and Between Show Notes 10.16.20

Good morning and blessings to all of you, who feel the energies of this Friday morning’s talk title, Betwixt and Between.

Both words describe that moment of being in a position where there is an awareness of indecision.

They carry intense energy that shows up in the dreaming state for many of us now and carries over into our daily lives.

Many would say it is the opposite and that our daily lives are in such a state of chaos that they affect our sleep patterns.

However, the common thread is that they carry an energy that is not always subtle but can be very challenging to our minds.

As I write these notes, We are now in the Moon cycle, commonly referred to as the Dark Moon. A place where we turn inward and contemplate our purpose or behavioral patterns through our dreams.

We are called into our deeper Self or Soul if you prefer. Where we seem to deepen into a state of revelation that first appears as sadness or yearning.

I was guided to pull a card from Kahliya’s Soul Inspirations Message Cards as I pondered what these words, “Betwixt and Between,” were saying to me.

“Everyday I take the time

To clear the Impurities

Absorbed by My Being

To Shine Brighter

Than before

Fulfilling the Best purpose

of My Existence”

Her words reminded me that it is a potent time to clear away many of the behaviors that no longer serve me or others at this moment of our evolutionary process.

We need to honor this beneficial power of the darkness rather than trying to avoid it.

The next card I randomly pulled from the Sacred Space Meditation Cards was Gratitude.

It had the entirely appropriate title, which pictured Light from 80million light-years away surrounded by the darkness.

The Gratitude card’s message is
“With the help of the Universe, I reach my goals and I give thanks for the guidance.”

Let us be Grateful or these moments of feeling Betwixt and Between rather than stymied or fearful.

Let us also not fear the darkness or the misunderstandings of our feelings during our physical universe’s natural cycles.

Let us keep knowing in our hearts that our inner voice is a part of our guidance system that keeps us aligned with sacred re-birthing.

“Betwixt and Between” is perhaps when we are returned to the Divine Womb beyond our physicality.
Once again, gathering within our ancient and timeless wisdom to realign with our real purpose.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.16.20