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SHOW NOTES FOR  Sorting and Structuring

Blessings to each of you around the planet.
Our message today is about being the Children of Phoenix.
The Phoenix, in its most basic story, symbolizes renewal and resurrection.

This morning my dreaming was very clear, having me pay very close attention to being fooled by the people around me and the strength and qualities of a building I was led to help construct.

All of us are now experiencing a burning away of the old and challenged with a sense of loss and fragmentation.

We are being told and guided to build something new rather than mourn what we are losing.
However, we must sort through all that is weak or inferior within our living presence structure and learn to leave it behind us as we move forward in our evolutionary process.

It is basically like cleaning out your home to move into a new and better one, which will be aligned with serving your Higher Self.

The Kuan Yin Oracle Card – Daughter of the Phoenix, confirms that the challenges we face such as, “stuck emotions and stagnant energy,” are forcing us to look at what will not be needed in our future.

We must go through this process without fear. For it is the fear of moving forward needs to be burned in the flames of renewal, rather than the fear of loss or being trapped.

The Unkown will become known, and our trust, faith and love will be the Light that guides us.

In speaking of the Light that will guide us, we might ask, from where will it come.

Today’s card Quiet Meditation became the answer as it’s message is – Quiet Meditation.
” When I close my eyes and withdraw from the world around me, I enter the world of eternal life.”

The picture on the card reveals how a cosmic dust lane divides a galaxy into two halves.
Or how a division within our minds creates the struggle to figure everything out according to our teachings and memory.

Yet, if we quiet the mind and allow the heart to guide us in moments of silence, solutions will arise peacefully into our conscious awareness.

Once again, we have reached a point where the lyrics of “The Sound of Silence” call us to pull away from the collective social propaganda machine.

“Hello darkness, my old friend
I’ve come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly, creeping
Left its seeds while I was, sleeping
And the vision,
that was planted in my brain… still remains
Within the sound of silence”
– Paul Simon

The Structure that will serve us best as humanity’s collective will not be found on any broadcasting system or device.

It will rise from the quiet darkness within us that is not to be feared, for that darkness is what the new Light will arise from.

It is essential right now not to be misled by those who have created despair to look like saviors.

Spend more time within your physical structure cleaning and clearing away all that no longer serves a future you or a future world into which our children will come and suffer.

Find that Sacred Temple of Peace within your inner darkness and Trust the powerful being of Love and Light you are.

It is that place where you will be greeted and guided by Kuan Yin or other Guardians of Compassion.

It is our time to rise like the Phoenix from within your physical structure and clear away whatever is holding you as a prisoner.

Create a personal Declaration of Independence that serves all of Humanity, all living beings, and all of Mother Earth, whose pain and suffering is now forcing us to rethink what direction we are taking.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.23.20