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Joy – Angel Ramaela
“Joy is food for the soul, the aroma of eternal ecstasy wafting on Heavenly air. Ramaela (raw-May-el-a) flies on wings of Joy and the buds of spring burst forth from her creative fires.” Kimberly Marooney – Angel Blessings

Joy is truly natural.
It is the sign within that tells us
everything is running smoothly.
Joy has no thought process;
it is a natural response to a lack of mental interference.
Transformation is like moving
when minds are focused and tranquil,
our hearts become more powerful
keeping Love alive creates Joy
there is no separation between Love and Joy
in that moment when we radiate a joyful energy field that everyone feels

How many times do we have to stop and search for Joy
or more commonly look for moments of happiness.

Or look for something to shift our focus into a place of more Light.
Let us look at Joy as being the emotional energy of Light.

We don’t need to study anything to try to figure it out.

As I sit and contemplate the word Joy this morning, I realize that Joy isn’t something that we acquire or is something outside of us.
Joy dwells within us.

We can’t buy or sell Joy; however, what we can do and what we indeed do is create Joy.

Not only can we create it within ourselves. It is highly contagious, and we can also inspire its creation in others around us.

So what are the aspects of Joy?

Joy is like a Bubbling Brook always flowing, making happy sounds or like a bird who sings for no reason just because it’s there.

Most of us find ourselves in a place where we are overthinking everything, and, in that process, we are creating a negative field of energy.
When we are in a negative field of energy, Joy is less likely to appear.

Part of our journey right now as we move through 2021 is to access higher levels of positive energy outside of the ones that we create within us.

Sit and think about what brings you Joy or what makes you feel joyous.

Allow that to become your attractor field, as in what attracts you to it,
and what you attract to yourself, much like a magnet.

As we become more of a magnet for Joy, what we will find is that we will also emanate more Joy.

All of this is a natural process of living life as human beings because we were also Angelic beings before becoming human.

Now I know a lot of you may not believe in Angels or what we understand as Angels. However, each of us has the capacity and the energetic frequency of Angels in our higher dimensional self.

Do you welcome Joy into your life?

Do you know that knowledge, truth, and vision are also forms of Joy and that joyfulness is energizing our creative processes?
Which automatically attunes you to Angels.

The popular image that we have of Angels are of those who are creatively playful. Many pictures of Angels are also strong and protective, but even they have a playfulness.

That playfulness is Joy!
When we lose our playfulness, we become captives, if you will, in a world where Joy is looked upon as not being serious or committed to a particular project.

This entrainment of humanity has created the chaos that you see in society right now. We have focused ourselves on protection and weapons and power and ownership, and at that moment, we gave away Our real power of Joy to others.

Real Joy does not come from someone else, although their Joy may encourage it to appear within you.

Joy is offering our true self to another, and this is what the Angels are asking us to do today.

To become as little children who don’t try to figure things out in order two overpower someone else, they enjoy the process of wonder.

Everything can become anything, for they live in a world of many possibilities.

If we become as children once again, The Angels of Joy will surround us and assist us in everything we do.

When we forget, we will immediately notice the difference in our energy in what we’re doing.

The energy and processes we emit when we no longer tap into the Joy within us become denser, and we tend to struggle.

Angels are the messengers of Joy and gladness and what they are saying to us today is that even your most trivial aspects of life have a song that can brighten your day.

If we only begin once again to look for Joy and simple expressions of brilliance, the Light within everything we’re doing, will lighten us to the place where Joy flows like an eternal River from the source of higher dimensional business.

I was reminded by a friend last night of a mighty River that carved its way from the top of a mountain to the ocean. No matter what came to be an obstruction in its path, it kept gurgling and singing all the way, no matter what it embraced in its course.

The message is when we let go of what our obstacles are and embrace the rippling and gurgling of the moment, we begin to realize that no matter what happens in our lives, we always have had opportunities to focus on Joy and share it with others.

I know it’s hard for many of us who are embracing the loss of loved ones, the loss of our financial stability, the loss of our health to sit and think we can be joyous at this moment. However, when we trust that Higher Self, our higher Angelic Self will begin a shift.

It is what we place our trust in that makes the difference in our lives.

When we trust in the world rather than trust in Spirit, we get what is offered by the world, for in the physical world, there is a struggle and there is hard work, yet in the Spirit world, there is Joy.

I guess the Angels’ message today is to take a look within yourselves and ask yourself: What am I aligning with and what am I trusting in and see the direct connection to what I’m feeling.

My message is always that we are continually being presented a point of choice, to Choose Again. Choose Joy!

Charlie Riverman Bergeron


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