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Good Morning and Many Blessings to each of you,

We have now entered the month of March, which is where we are anticipating seasonal changes.

Of course, the changing seasons in our natural world trigger our bodies to prepare for the oncoming temperature cycles of heat or cold.

We do this without thinking until the physical moment the change alerts us to its presence.

We don’t think of our seasonal experience as an adventure, yet every cell in our bodies has to realign to what is happening beyond its physical space.

We are also experiencing our brains’ energetic challenges for our physical survival and communication with our neurological Self while dealing with our external interface.

Years ago, I created a personal Mantra, although I wasn’t sure what it was when I wrote it.

Everyday Is An Adventure

It Can Be Your Wildest Fantasy

Or Your Worst Nightmare

…You Choose…

Your Wildest Fantasy

Is A Limited Thought

And You Worst Nightmare

Is Just An Illusion

Now some 25 or so years later, it is taking on new dimensions of understanding.

Each of us is being held captive to a great degree by a virus for almost a year.

A year in which previous training was not available except through our ancestors’ trauma, which is still electro-genetically flowing through us.

The great news in all of this is that We are moving forward, leaving behind an old paradigm of existence.

This movement is the Adventure we have been awaiting.

It is not a Wild Fantasy nor a figment of our imagination.

We can choose to look at it as a Nightmare; however, it is occurring in broad daylight right before our eyes.

We are not just observing it; we are fully participating in every physical or energetically possible way.

Wild Fantasies and Nightmares are our inner ability to embrace what does not make logical sense to our thinking brain.

They are fantastic tools for our long-term survival and navigation, yet they create stories not based on reality and rely only on potential.

We have to begin to see from an old original and legitimate center point to adapt and evolve. That point being Our Heart.

Our first unique expression in Our Mother’s Womb was a heartbeat.

Our last expression as we leave physical life is the ceasing of our heartbeat.

We all are being asked to trust Our Heart in ways that may seem erratic and nonsensical. Once we begin to charge it again, our decisions become more aligned with each other, and all life forms her on our beloved Planet Earth.

It is in this jump-starting and charging of the Heart that Our Collective Choices become more aligned.

We become more in alignment with our Future Self and less attached to the past Self, which has many good and bad stories.

A New Story begins within each heartbeat that We honor, not the thoughts generated by the original Artificial Intelligence, our brain.

We need to wipe the haze from our eyes

Clear away the noise from our ears

Breathe more in-depth into our abdomen

And send more Love within each exhale

To every one of us whose grandchildren

Will be thankful for our presence, not our dreams

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.5.21