Today on the New Moon, my Water Ceremonies were several…. they began by gathering the Waters which have been keep Sacred on my altars. The Triad of trees in my own yard were the first recipients of the Sacred Water.

The Apple is the oldest and was one tree with three trunks standing vertical though hollowed out by time and weather. The winds now have the last one laying and still sprouting branches which offer apples as a testimony to the strength of nature’s rooted beings.

Next was the Birch being the Sacred Tree which called me to live here many years ago. When the leaves are full you can see the shape of the Kokopelli playing his flute. If you listen very carefully you will feel it in your heart.

Grandmother Maple, whose roots dwell in the runoff area of an underground stream that flows to the river. A part of the original farmland as watering for the pasture animals. The changes of the landscape by settlers and now the oversized homes of the wealthy fortunately have not deterred the Water from Her sacred journey, just diverting it a bit.

Across what was a dirt road when I came here, my neighbor who lives on the shore of the Agamenticus River (York River) tells me that in her yard this tree with six trunks is over 250 years old. It is well rooted on the high bank carved by thousands of years of Water flowing both to and from the River to the Atlantic Ocean for it is tidal here.

Honoring the ancestors of the land I use the name Agamenticus and always offer my ceremony here to those who knew the Land and Water in a much deeper communal living relationship.

Now down to the Blue Fish bottle after blessing all the Trees on my way to this special shoreline, it rests there upon the rocks as I offer ceremony to the River Herself. Pouring the remaining Blessed Water, the winds actually stopped while the words of sacredness flowed from within the Waters of my Heart. Not just to the Water but all the Elementals which have been witness to the many changes over hundreds of years and yet continue to invite us as humans to listen to their wisdom.

Bless You All from the Hearts of those of us who honor the Sacredness of Water and offer ceremonies in accordance with the cycles of the Moon.

I Love You
I Thank You
I Respect You
I Am You
You Are Me
We Are Unity

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.13.21

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