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The Future Is…

The title of today’s talk came to me as I was thinking about the Vernal Equinox tomorrow and World Water Day on the 22nd.

These are moments we always think of as in the future until they arrive. Then, of course, they become the now.

We are always thinking about time concerning what we are doing, and it becomes a distraction to the present moment.

Of course, the present moment is the Now.

I look back on the last year as an actual personal trial for every living being on our planet. What has transpired during this pandemic has affected all life patterns and conscious awareness in ways that will take years to release.

I did not use the word overcome; I said release.

Release infers that we are holding something, and when we do that, we create a challenge for ourselves to overcome.

Let us look at our living process as always being in this moment rather than past or future. We are constantly right here with a powerful ability to look in all directions and not be hindered in any way from experiencing the ever-changing future.

Fear is the glue that holds us fast to limiting beliefs and closes down our vision. Without seeing and accepting what is possible ahead of us, we become trapped in the past.

It is straightforward, and we all are affected by it in some way or manner.

Learn to recognize the Now

the moment in the wave of time

that allows us to be free from all illusions.

It is there that we begin to understand our sovereignty.

Our ability to be free from any attachments to what has happened in the past or is possible in our future.

Our ancestors always looked at the Equinoxes as a time of preparation for the future, and if they had not, we would not be having this conversation.

Let us shift our awareness to Water;

The Water that we are physically comprised of is becoming stagnant.

We no longer flow forward in patterns that create positive energy and add to the environment that enriches others’ lives.

The cause of this is our inability to see the future and act in ways that align and flow. We are suffering from the pollution of our consciousness.

Let’s look at the control we humans have had to live under for thousands of years and what we have done to the Waters that sustained every aspect of our survival.

No Water No Life is the Truth that nobody wants to accept as a reality, and we continually allow our leaders to think of it as a commodity.

If Water is now accepted and sold as a commodity, then so are we, and it is time to question where all life is heading.

Let us all look into the future with the power that we indeed are and change its course from destruction to abundance for all life forms.

On World Water Day, get out and sit near your Water Sources and listen to it; ask it a few questions or if you can dive into it.

Our Human Future; Is held in the future of Water.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.19.21