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The Sunset on Mt Agamenticus following our Drum Circle.
Rising Moon was hidden and will be in Full Eclipse come morning.
May each of you receive Many Blessings and Much Releasing as WE move through this Portal of Wonder. – Riverman

Wisteria Gone Wild … Always growing and exploring new possibilities for growth and creative expression. It is a reminder for us all to continue reaching upward and onward in our journey of seeking the True Light We are beyond what appears to be unreachable. – Riverman

As We deepen into the future Self, let us be reminded by all of life around us that Our journey can be challenging at the crossroads, which are designed for us to make new choices and let go of those that will no longer function well as We travel onward.

Declare within your Heart to keep this Portal of Love open by refusing to allow fear any entry into the Center Chamber.

For it is within this Center Chamber of Your Divine Inner Heart that you will recognize the Truth and bring it forth to bring release and healing to all past wounds.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.26.21