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Healing the Personal and Collective Separation

Aligning within the energies of our physical Heart
we begin a journey of understanding and reparation
ever-deepening into that which is the cause of our separation
not only from each other but from our True Self as well

Take a few moments each day to sit in Nature and be still
listening for the mind to wander into its storytelling
and its ever-noisy planning
of events which may bring about fear or, better yet,
the old patterns of our behavior within our families

Each of us has unique expressions of the very same issues
which keep us separated and unwilling to release
what is not needed any longer
in order to see ourselves once again in each other
no matter what shape, color, or culture
we embrace as our ancestral heritage

Let us make a commitment to change our focus
and send Love to ourselves through each other
and let the healing begin with gusto

Written for the Global Heart Team
5.27.21 – Charlie Riverman Bergeron