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Listening To Self

One of the most challenging moments we have in our everyday life is really an art form.
Yes Listening to Self needs to be looked at as our Innermost Art.

Most of what transpires will never be seen or heard by others yet it is played out in everything we do or say.

Our biggest challenge right now is that we have been programmed to listen more closely to something outside of us rather than within us.

For our entire lifetime there has been more influence directed at us from the Media around us than the now little voice of our consciousness.

I often ask myself what would happen if humanity woke up and stopped listening to the noise around them and had to rely on themselves to make choices that were not going to make someone else wealthy or powerful.

It is amazing now when I listen to the television or radio how I feel the energy of what and how something is said.
We can actually feel the frequencies and how they are activating our inner survival alarm system.

Many people around the world cannot discern any longer between their own wisdom and that which is being barked at them as invitations, warnings or expectations.

Mass programming and the ridicule of those who may have a different opinion based on inner dialogue has risen during the pandemic.

What has become acceptable on a global scale is disrespect for trusting our own minds.

So for each of you who listen here to people that are not fearful of Listening to Self the greater message is to reconnect within your own Heart and allow it to be the voice that is the mainstream information center and to allow yourselves to trust it.

Many will at first feel a bit weird trusting themselves again yet is what is really weird is recognizing how many ways we have not trusted ourselves based on information from others whose have an agenda.

Let us look at all agendas and question why we are following the patterns of behavior which are suggesting that we follow without questioning.

Let’s set ourselves free by remembering that we are not playing follow the leader as innocent children playing a harmless game.
We are now being led by others whose best interests are not in balance and are actually very destructive to each of us on many levels.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.3.21

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