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Good Morning once again, and many blessings to all.

Today let us look forward in a very gentle way to prepare ourselves for what is referred to as a dimensional shift.

Most of us have experienced many moments of awakening to ideas and teachings throughout the past 20 years that have brought about changes in our conscious awareness.

They are a part of a greater awareness of what can be defined as a multi-dimensional experience.

To anchor those moments into a stabilized pattern within our physicality, it takes releasing old energies that no longer serve these new frequencies.

Every day is another opportunity to embrace this unknown without hesitation or having fear rise within us and hold us as a prisoner.

This embracing of the unknown is a challenge for most of us as we absorb our leaders’ negative expressions of greed and lack of compassion for humanity.

As we move out of the pandemic, we appear to be resuming the old ways of violence and greed without releasing the collective energy of being held captive within our own homes.

So today, let us behold a vision for the future.

A concept that is in alignment with a dimensional shift that not only serves those who lead and manage the systems of our sustainability but one of harmony and balance for future generations.

WE are to deepen our acknowledgment of the true power each of us represents individually and is quantified when we align in purpose.

Take a deep breath and say to yourself:

I Am Whole

I Am Powerful

I Am Alive in this physical form

I call forth every cell of my body to align with the highest good for myself and all life forms here on our Beloved Mother Earth.

Let me remember my Truth and release all that is keeping it from being expressed within every breath I take.

I Am the Presence of Love and Light shining here and now from the New Dimensions of Humanity.

Let us listen to our Hearts and bodies more closely and honor them without the fear of ridicule or punishment.

We are here to co-create the future by embracing the information coming into our conscious awareness from the New Dimensions that we are now entering and anchoring them for future generations.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.28.21

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