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Love, Peace and Miracles
Show Notes 6.18.21

Once again, it is a joy for me to share my messages and poetry with each of you, especially as we are about to welcome and celebrate the June Solstice worldwide.

This energetic portal is always a moment where significant changes in our lives have an important opportunity to begin to manifest.

It is a time when individual transformation can be very challenging, and assistance is always welcome.

A ‘Sayings From A Course In Miracles Card’ this morning reads:

“Peace is a natural heritage of Spirit. Everyone is free to refuse to accept his inheritance, but he is not free to establish what his inheritance is.” Text, 49

Once again, reminding me that no matter what might be appearing on the horizon of my journey, I have the guidance and assistance available to navigate through or around it.

Each of us is constantly reminded to listen for that inner guidance and to stay centered and peaceful. Even when our hearts are racing as the intensity of change speeds up beyond our ability to comprehend it.

All significant changes that appear to be beyond our control create an imbalance that causes our ability to welcome them with an open mind and heart.

These moments are where we have an opportunity to recognize our struggling and become aware that it only has as much power as we give to it.

Worry and struggle deplete all of our energetic fields, and yes, we have more than one that works in conjunction with each other.

As the energies around us intensify, so do we tend to go into protection mode. It is a natural pattern of emotional behavior for our survival.

Our living experience as humans is filled with overwhelming and threatening moments to our Peace, yet Peace is the last place we came from before entering into our Mother’s womb.

We are Divine Love that in the frequency of Light manifests in physical form as Peace.

Here is where the Solstices offer us an opportunity to witness Miracles through Love.

I wrote the following poem minutes before our gathering as the Global Heart Team while reflecting on Miracles’ theme of our meditational offering to the world.


Manifest from within the Heart

offering us the intense energy of relationship

awakening, expanding, and flourishing

as a sacredness which has no boundaries

They offer the immediate opportunity of releasing

the legacy of our ancient past pain and suffering

and open a clear pathway into a more complete Self

Miracles happen as an exchange of Love

which is being presented to us from within us

May we be grateful and charitable with all the miracles

we witness and are guided to receive.

Inspired by The Global Heart Team

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.17.21

Let us look for and expect miracles not only on days of celebrating Light and remember that We Are Peace, Light, and Love and co-creators of Miracles.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.18.21