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Energetic Expression Show Notes 6.11.21

Once again, everything appears to have shifted energetically, and indeed the New Moon and first solar eclipse of this year are, for the moment playing a big part in it.

I want to admit that this process of what appears to be an erratic and disruptive challenge for most people has impacted me as well, and it feels somewhat like an amusement park ride.

Most of us like to move forward in our lives steadily and coherently in order to lessen the jagged impulses we are not fond of experiencing.

I just visioned the steep but calm and inviting, rolling mountains, which appear as quiet, vs. the jagged mountain ranges that are majestic and powerful, which only a few will dare to climb and cross.

Here we are in the valleys after a long period of stress and disruption from our everyday existence and trying to discern what is working and what needs to be cast away.

We need to look at the energies that are charging or depleting us as the tools we will co-create a more unified field of human experience.

Please take a good look at what is coming up from within your own body’s emotion field and not be afraid to express it.

Of course, if it is mostly anger and frustration, we need to begin to critically list what is triggering those moments and not impulsively act out to relieve the pressure.

How we feel and react to our new teacher is crucial as it has no personal attachment to us or any obligation to be gentle or understanding of our human dramas.

We are being called from our higher dimensional self to remember the innate power is and always has been when not diminished by fear.

Fear is the greatest threat to our evolution and needs to be seen and felt in order to be confronted and removed from our energy fields.

Let us think of fear as the mountain that is in the way. Of its own, it has no power or desire to harm us. It sits in place and does not seek us out to make us victims.

However, the magnificent mountain can be manipulated through other forces to become the most dangerous threat to all that live in the valley.

This brings us back to the title of today’s talk, ‘Energetic Expression.’

Let us tap into the cosmic and earthly energies right now at a deeper level rather than being frightened by them.

Let us remember that we do not exist without them, for they are part of us as much as we are part of them.

Creation occurs when energy meets energy and accepts that joining with and within each other to create a new form of energy is beneficial.

We are now Creating a New World that will exist in a New Universe, and we will be the New Humanity.

So let us focus on the inner source of all changes and know that we are all being guided to adapt and change what is needed for a peaceful and fully integrated future for humanity and all living beings here on Mother Earth.

The biggest hint I have for you is finding the fear within you and setting it free, for it has caused too much damage already, and although it is a part of our journey, it is not our leader.

Anyone that instills fear in its support system is not to be listened to anymore.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.11.21

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