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Show Notes – Presence Of Light Talk #200

Blessings to the Humanity Healing Founders for this uplifting and gentle space from which I speak to the world.

As I look back over the first talk from August of 2017, the title was simply the word Gratitude.

There have been so many changes in the world over the past four years that it is in many ways unrecognizable.

My guides have always helped me play with the words giving each letter a word that resonates with its meaning. A game we still play as an affirmation of our inner childishness that has not been destroyed by the chaos we have witnessed and endured over time.


These words have a completely different meaning today for me, and yet they never changed.

We all need to make a time-frame in our past and use it as a reference point. I like to call it my Flexible Zero Point.

Flexible in that we change the logical date and make a point of origin for a timeframe in which we can overview what we have experienced on any level.

Presently we are a circle around that point that expands and contracts much like our heart, a toroidal field.

We are here to look for those moments where gratefulness arises from the shadows as Light from within us.

As we look into our imagined Flexible Zero Point, the only change occurring is our position as we stand around it to look for gratefulness shining.

From my talk in 2017 :

Each moment in time
is an avenue in eternity
whereupon we stroll hand in hand
until we join heart to heart
then in Our Oneness
we radiate through all dimensions

We are living now in a world that is becoming a challenge for many. Yet, we all have an opportunity to overcome the anxiety or sense of loss through our gratefulness for our abilities to shift and change as rapidly as the world around us.

We are One Circle with over 8 billion points of Light encircling the Eternal Center Point.

Let go of fear and despair, for it only keeps you a prisoner within your flesh. Instead, allow the energy of Gratitude more space to bear witness to all that you indeed are and have to offer all life forms on Mother Earth.

Thank You for seeking a better way for all of us to live in balance

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.2.2021

YouTube Video Replay @ Presence of Light