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This word arose in my life recently as if it were the sun or moon peeking over the horizon.

At first, I thought of it in mechanical terms yet knew that something beyond my understanding at this moment was happening not only to myself, for it was happening to all living presence here on Mother Earth.

As humans, we have been led to believe many things that are just not true; they are dangerous facts based on a minimal collective agreement that is being corrected.

Each of us will experience this in many different ways and learn to adjust to it to have a more natural recalibration, rather than an electronic or genetically manipulated one that will serve only a few and not align with Mother Earth which supports all life forms.

Ask yourself this simple question: How am I personally experiencing recalibration?

Begin to still your mind and listen deeper to your Heart as if it were a river of wisdom you have lost connection with.

May you begin to realize that our hearts are calling us home from our minds, reconnecting us to Mother Earth.

As, unfortunately, we have been mesmerized and confined in over processing everything we encounter and blindly accepting it as truth.

I call it the original Artificial Intelligence, which may sound very judgmental. Yet, when it is allowed to be directed by energetic forces controlled by machines, we have lost our ability to see everything as it truly is.

Our recalibration may not be pleasant at times, and we may feel as if we are being singled out and blamed for something like little children.

Nevertheless, the message of recalibration is to bear with it all and come to a deeper understanding that we will become closer and more aligned with all of life on this fantastic Living Planet as we discern our responsibility to each other.

The longer we hold on to the beliefs that have created the need for recalibration and listen to the machines that will continue broadcasting those messages due to a small group’s greed and power, the more we will be disconnected from our actual self Creation.

We have done this before, and it is just a distortion in the greater Field of Resonance which is a state of perfection in Auto-correct.

Let us not judge what arises within us but no longer see the purpose it once had and let it disappear into the Light and Love We Truly Are.

Be gentle and kind to yourself and allow space to nurture what is painful within you.

Take a look at all aspects of your daily life and make positive changes to the negative aspects.

Please do not allow the mind to tell you that it can’t happen or that you are not worthy, for that is what we have allowed others to have said to us for thousands of years and that only their way was right, and we need to listen to them.

The time of recalibration is to listen to our hearts and keep them open no matter how many times they are attacked and wounded.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.25.21

YouTube Video Replay @ Presence of Light