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small shifts

I usually like to place my own words on my photographs to create my Museography but his week they have been sparse. At least in the sense of uplifting and encouraging to others.

We all experience these times when the Muse seems to leave and the bitterness of life tends to creep, ever so slowly, into our thought patterns.

So when I read this quote that I found while researching The Butterfly Effect, I saved it. It struck a chord which sweetened the judgmental attitude that was beginning to take root.

This was one of two quotes that I saved on my desktop notes to remind me that how we think and perceive what is going on around us as well as within us was not as random or as perplexing as we make them out to be.

That while small shifts are occurring daily they are challenging us to see everything differently and asking us all to really take hold of Life and reaffirm our Presence here for the greater good of All.

And so…

“Now is an incredibly powerful time, to create what you want, so stop giving your power away by reacting to all the negativity that you are led to believe is surrounding you, and use it instead to create the type of life that you want to have. Use this time to your advantage. And remember to GROUND, GO DEEP WITHIN, LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION, and then take ACTION towards your goals and aspirations.”
~ Anna Merkaba