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Returning To Joy Show Notes 8.6.21

Blessings to all this morning as the words ‘Return To Joy’ rolled through my mind as I thought of what I might talk about today.

We all have been and are still going through many changes in how we embrace daily life.

We are also facing more changes which will appear as a wider separation rather than a coming together.

My first card of today is from Soul Inspirations Message Cards by Kahliya and reads as follows:


Where it Stings






At first glance, I did not relate to the words and quickly realized that I did not want to rather than couldn’t. I wanted my first message of the day to be bright and sunny, like the rising sun that was greeting me.

However, as I sat with it for a few moments, I began to understand that we are all in a place of learning what no longer resonates with us as we embrace what appears to us as a very uncertain future.

The next card was about Joy from the Course In Miracles:

“The Holy Spirit is the spirit of Joy. He is the call to return with which God blessed the minds of His separated Sons. This is the vocation of the mind.”

Here we are in this moment of our human experience when fear and chaos are presented from many sources and create both physical and mental distress and illness.

Where is the Light, we might ask amid all of this challenging darkness we might ask?

The briefest answer I can give you is that You Are The Light.

Joy and Light are synonymous, and both offer us a new opportunity to see things differently.

So our main focus right now is to shift our consciousness from what appears negative to positive, from darkness to Light and experience a more joyous relationship with each other and Mother Earth.

There is a great awakening within us, and we are entering the dawn of a new age that extends thousands of years into our future.

I am brought to think about our ancestors and how they are overwhelmed by how we live today. Reminding me of the indigenous Kogi that came down from their isolation in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Maria to give us a message about the environment and ecosystem over 20 years ago.

Joy is relative to well-being, and we are always a part of Mother Earth, and we are beginning to see the deeper relationship we have with the abundant planet Earth of which we are a living part.

Let us get back into synchronicity with Mother Earth and realize that our connection to all of life is our healing medicine.

Let the isolation and fear that we have learned over the past year and a half be the teacher who tells us to turn around.

To look within ourselves for all of the ways we can reclaim our joy through kindness and understanding.

Let us come back out of these caves, where we hide out of fear of the leadership that no longer leads but commands.

Let us celebrate our joy first within our minds and hearts, and as we remember how to dwell there again, let us offer it to the world around us.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.6.21