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Dealing With Conflict Show Notes 8.27.21

This morning’s word that caught my attention is ‘conflict’.

It is not something that I usually think about, yet it is becoming more prevalent in our subconsciousness as we collectively or move forward.

Conflict denotes opposition, or to struggle both externally as in wars, and within us, as the mental struggles and emotional drama in which we are now collectively engaged.

This morning’s card from the Gabriel Message Cards:

“Bask in the wonder of life.

Go deep, soar high.

Follow your Love

and the joy of fulfilment

will be yours.”

This state of consciousness is more contagious than the current virus, and nothing is being done to address it. There is no vaccine for it, it is highly infectious, and it is deadly.

Perhaps you won’t die physically; however, you will succumb to its toxicity within your conscious awareness, and it will destroy your joy at the moment and hope for the future.

It is the underlying source of Discord, Strife, Contention, Dissention and Variance. Thank you, Merriam-Webster.

We can follow those threads deep within ourselves and find that most of them have become common everyday thoughts that did not arise so frequently several years ago.

Of course, I’m looking into my mind and heart right now.

So I pondered this morning at how a straightforward statement can change the way we look at life and possibly be the seed for a more pleasant life experience.

I next pulled a “Soul Inspirations Message Card” By Kahliya, which reads:

“Allow Your Vulnerability”

That’s it, real simple “Allow Your Vulnerability.”

I also have this page from Daily Om that I posted on my desk wall a long time ago and never really read it thoroughly; the title is “10 Steps to Making Change Easier”

One of those articles we place in a prominent place to remind us that there is an easier way to live but fail to practice.

We often get stuck in a mindset that gives advice but is not so good at following it.

Today’s message is about finding a way to step out of our Inner Conflict.

Make that your priority, and it will shift your awareness to a broader level of clarity and Love, and Joy will replace a lot of the conflict with many more benefits to you.

Here is a link to

10 Steps to Making Change Easier


Charlie Riverman 8.27.21