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Arising and Awakening Show Notes 9.1021

Many changes and challenges

Aggravating process

Many call it Awakening

Others think of it as an ending

As I awoke this morning and my mind was filled with a sense of aggravation. It took a while to say thank you for another day of life, which is usually the first thing I do.

Looking back into the Dreamtime, I could not find anything that confirmed my feelings, yet there it was, this powerful sense of wanting to be angry about something.

I found it almost amusing to process, which told me that something had moved within my conscious mind that allowed me to see my emotional challenges differently. As I type this, I hope it stays a while and is not just another fleeting moment.

Are we truly Awakening from a long and challenging period of darkness that we thought was a wonderful dream. But, unfortunately, we see now that the dream is still going on into a future based on further separation rather than a celebration of who we truly have the potential to be.

The Gabriel Message Card I pulled this morning is the same one I drew last night after I put it back in the deck and shuffled them:

“There is never a time when you are not wrapped in the wings of Pure Love.”

It was to make me think deeper upon this gentle massage. So I then pulled A Course In Miracles Card to see if there was any correlation or just a coincidence.

The Course In Miracles Card message is, “If you are trusting in your own strength, you have every reason to be apprehensive, anxious and fearful.”

It dawned on me at that moment that my aggravation was my own creation. The changes in my life and my thinking process were about letting go of old beliefs that no longer need to be brought forward. Who am I without those chains that bind me to the painful past?

The message of Awakening is precisely this simple in that we need to shake off the negative energies of the dream we just had.

Our true power is never taken away from us; it is just hidden beneath dreams of pain and insecurity that we believe to be true.

A way of life was created from these dreams, which now are conflicting within each of us for control.

Our minds are the dream machines, and our hearts are the powerplants that keep them running and herein lies the solution to the aggravation.

We are Light and Love both in Spirit and form. We are powerful in many ways that we have not fully realized yet. Weapons of destruction can only destroy our physical form; however, the Soul exists beyond form and can only be buried deep within tons of pain and suffering.

We are now Arising as well as Awakening Souls.


Source Of Unconditional Love

Source Of Unconditional Light

The Divine Masculine and Feminine are embracing each other in Unity rather than separation.

Let go of the fears that we are being fed by those who cannot admit their errors. The future of humanity has no room for or enough atmosphere to sustain it.

We are Awakening and Arising, now!

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 9.10.21