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Self-Imposed Drama – Show Notes 9.17.21

Grand Rising and blessings to each of you as the seasons change and offer us a new viewpoint of our relationship to each other and Mother Earth.

As I begin my day, I find it powerful to tap into the words of people that I respect and who have shared their Heart Wisdom with all of us.

Their messages always lead me to the title of my talk, and then I trust Spirit to deliver the words that will come through me.

What is Spirit asking me to look at within myself and share with others?

The title ‘Self-Imposed Drama’ is not something we may want to look at, yet it is a big part of our sense of suffering and anger.

I would love to say that I am beyond experiencing those energy frequencies. However, they do come as lesser strengths and are easier to release quickly.

Let me present this morning’s gifts from other people’s messages…

From GurujiMa:

“Many are disillusioned today, and many are discouraged about holding all things as moving toward greater good. We are being asked to find an alignment not with disillusionment, but with hope and trust that a new future is being brought into being, and that out of chaos, disunity, and suffering will come a new valuing of human life.”

“We are being asked to find an alignment not with disillusionment, but with hope and trust that a new future is being brought into being,”

Here is where the word Self-impose hit me

Immediately catching my attention and reminding me that I am not alone in this process. That all of us foreseeing a better world for our future generations are bringing it closer to realization.

It may not appear very likely in these energy-draining times, yet it is re-creating within us a sense of values that have been ridiculed and bullied into barely existing.

Our healing will come just as the rough weather of Winter becomes Spring.

The following message comes from Shanta Gabriel:

“Be grateful for all that you have and all that you are.”

Gratitude is the medicine of our healing.

Let us be grateful for all the small things that make us smile first.

The energy that is present in even the tiniest grin or chuckle has the power to transform energy not only within us but around us as our auric field expands and touches others.

Let us be thankful for all the moments we find Peace in nature.

There are always natural disasters that bring hardship and pain to all life forms, yet it transforms

the landscape and calls us to respect our ability for renewal.

When everything feels as if the darkness swallowed it up, know that there is still Light within you to call on and guide you forward.

From Kahliya:

I want to know God

I want to know Me

I want to know

All The

Wonderful Things

That Can Be

When we look at the word wonderful, let’s think of it as Filled with Wonder.

In this state of mind, everything has great potential. There is nothing that cannot be transformed into something better or brighter.

It is in our knowing that within our Hearts, there is a Self that has the energy of Light and the potential to access and utilize it with Love.

We are that Love and Light that is within every moment of creation. It is not something that can be controlled anymore, no matter how hard we try.

It is calling us all forward into a New World of Unimaginable Wonder moment by moment.

The words ‘that can be’ is the hallway that we are now traveling within, and it may seem filled with fearful questions, yet at the end, there is a door through which the Light shines and calls you to come and be at Peace, and to share that Peace with others.

SO let us all take a moment when things get out of control to remember that we can create Peace more easily than Drama if we genuinely want to.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 9.17.21