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Good morning once again, and many blessings to each of you.

This morning the message arose as one of many that pointed inward as we are all being challenged by everything around us.

A random message from the ‘Sayings From A Course In Miracles’ cards reads;

“Nothing beyond yourself can make you fearful or loving, because nothing is beyond you.” T,181

As I embraced this message, it reminded me of how I have personally shifted over the past 2 years from responding with anger or fear to the many adverse events occurring around the world.

I can now see them and feel deep emotion, yet I respond by asking what I can do to help improve the situation. Most of the time, it is beyond my physical or financial ability to resolve. Yet, at that moment, I realize that I can send Peace, Light and Love from my Heart rather than my head.

Our hearts are the most powerful energy source within our bodies, and we can use our minds to direct that energy anywhere or anyone on this planet and into other dimensions if we so choose.

True empowerment over our human life was given to us at birth by our creator, and it does not matter how we honor or explain it to each other.

Throughout our lives, we have been directed to only share our Love with those who have been approved of by our families, teachers, religions, and governments.

We have been taught that separation from each other is the best way to live and be wary of others who do not look like us or speak as we do. Yet, we are all human beings living together on Mother Earth and, when positively aligned, can create miracles.

Think about the times in your life when you have gathered with others to accomplish something that could not be done alone.

This is the One Heart in action using One Love to accomplish what was needed for everyone. This is your True Power… Your Heart and ability to Love without fear.

In those moments, we are Empowered Benevolence.

Yesterday the following words flowed through my mind and fingertips as I prepared to gather with friends in the Global Heart Team on Zoom. They express how each of us has both an individual and collective ability to hone our loving energy and cut through the fear and suffering for those around us who are feeling hopeless.

Empowering Benevolence Within the Global Heart

Gathering together as a Global Heart Team
we become the much needed connective tissue
that expands and contracts within each heartbeat

Co-creating a flow of enlightenment
that assists in shifting human consciousness
from a perception of separation into unity

Loving Kindness is the energetic vehicle
through which we both receive and share our grace
within the pulsing rhythms of Mother Earth

And is also the attractor field for many others
to engage and exchange their endearments
with all of life regardless of form or beliefs

Accelerating our relationships, benevolence,
and dispelling the darkness for the many
who may be fearful or confused within their hearts

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.14.21 for the Global Heart Team

I honor and encourage each of you who are beginning to understand the power of your Heart.

It’s the ability to share Love with everyone without fear, even if from a remote place.

We are all being called to rise and gather for the future generations that are being born as we speak this morning. Innocent and precious beings who need Our Love to welcome them into their future.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.15.21