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Exploring The Multidimensionality of the Personal Heart

Let us gently focus on our physical hearts
which is the first organ to function
within the tiny embryo of our mother’s womb

We are now present in the 3rd dimension
to be nurtured and sustained by Mother Earth 
where our journey of Life in human form begins

Our hearts record every energetic experience
and adapt to the frequencies in order to exist
without knowing until the brain is functional

We have never truly left our True Source
which is multidimensional and unexplainable
except within languages which are only observations

The Multidimensional Personal Heart is much more
it is the collective presence of all hearts in a unified field
Love is the pure divine energy of creation within the quantum field

It cannot be controlled, misdirected, or destroyed
for it is the Source of all existence at all levels of formation
from whence the potential to become and exist is fully activated

Hence this Field exists both within and around us
and when we clear away all that is blocking or distorting it
every dimension is available to ourselves and others
to co-create in a reciprocal field of Love.

Written for Global Heart Team 11.11.21
Charlie Riverman Bergeron