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Breaking Through To Resurrection
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 9.12.21

The message of “Breakthrough” today is one of enlightenment.

“Breakthrough The Veil of Fear And Light Appears”

This card was the first one I drew today from Soul Inspirations Cards by Kahliya.

I was on Mt Agamenticus in York, Maine, yesterday for a small personal 11:11 ceremony, and I became very aware of all the families there.

I felt called to notice how the children were joyous and carefree while their parents’ energies were cautious and fearful.

The highly obvious polarity reminded me of how the traumas of every human are now arising to be released by the Light that is within our hearts.

The Angel Blessings Card by Kimberly Marooney brought forth the word Resurrection and Archangel Gabriel.

“To resurrect something is to bring life again to that which appeared dead, or to raise from a belief in death.”

Yesterday was also Veterans Day which honors all who offered to defend and protect others in the military forces.

Both aspects offer humanity the energies which bring balance back to us and assist in releasing our fear.

It is always our journey to rise within our hearts and see beyond our daily encounters’ obstructions. That feeling of powerlessness is only an overabundance of fear and nothing more.

The mountain top is the witness of all that life can do to destroy and yet is always there calling us to it. In many ways, it offers us a resurrection as we are filled with a broader view of the world around us.

Today, let us challenge ourselves to look for the broader view in our everyday life.

Let us become the mountain that withstands all that is brought to it.

Let us share that intimate elemental relationship with all living beings.

Let us remember that resurrection is not just a biblical term that only happens to perfect people.

It is the natural process of returning to your hearts and sharing your Love and Light with everyone.

It is surrendering to that deep inner self filled with every painful experience and opening the windows to allow the winds of change to blow them away.

Be gentle and kind to yourself… you deserve every minute of it for all you have been through.

Your sense of helplessness or unworthiness has been placed within you by others who could not see the Light and Love in themselves.

Let us stand tall and strong like the numbers 11:11 as pillars of Light and Love for others to see what resurrection indeed looks like in a human form.

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