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Majikal Hearts

Each of us is present in a Field of Love
which moves in all directions
from a very Sacred point

A wellspring deep within our heart
that never ceases to offer its pure water
to all who seek to quench their thirst

Our thirst for Love is merely a seeking
of the fulfillment and wholeness
we receive from beyond our physical bodies

It is the source of our True Self
the beingness of all that is seen or touched
as our bodies engage with many lifeforms

The Majik of it all is held in the trusting
of our own precious loving presence
embracing and transforming the darkness into Light

Heart and Earth are comprised of the same letters
and the same powerful energies of Love
which we are here to connect and share alike

Let us open our Hearts broader and wider
embracing each other in a Global manner
remembering to share our Majikal Hearts with All

Written for the Global Heart Team
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.9.21

May this Loving Majik flow in all living beings’ hearts. – Grace Barry-Greb