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The Blank Page – Show Notes

As we enter the last month of 2021 with the bang of a Solar Eclipse, I offer blessings to everyone. But, of course, the usual advice is to stay grounded and open to the positive energies as we move along with the rhythm of our Solar System.

Yet, at the same time, we are being forced into separation and judgment by the very people we are trusting to guide us into the future. So today, let us co-create on a blank page a list of obstacles to assist us in creating a future that is respectful and orderly for all humans and animals, especially Mother Earth.

My weekly talks always start with a blank page on my computer screen. A process that has taught me that within me, there is a message that is tuned to what I describe as my Higher Self.

A higher inner beingness with no limitations or reactions to fear or disarray. The peaceful observer, my guardian who is not always heard or listened to.

Each of us has a beautiful ability to stop the mind chatter that is aroused and sent spinning through our bodies, causing the neural and physical stress that is the body’s alarm system.

So what if we learned to trust that inner alarm system again and listened more cautiously to it. It would tell us how we can improve our lives, not harm them. It would say to us to be more cautious and not be so quick to believe everything without deeper investigation and to be careful to discern what might lead us to a negative emotional situation.

Our negative emotional feedback system cannot be shut down. However, it can be distorted, and it is this variation of frequency that allows us to follow patterns of behavior that others misuse to control us.

Every day let us create a Blank Page with two columns.

Peaceful and Agitated

When you notice moments when your energy is triggered in either direction,

write them down without judgment. You could even do this on your phone using one or two words to describe the cause.

What happens is you begin to create a visual record of the triggers which set off your inner alarm system, which helps you to discern what needs to be addressed as we move through 2022.

We must let go of what no longer serves our Higher Self and stop making excuses for not evolving in a positive manner.

It is not hard to do, and it can be quite interesting to learn how our minds can overshadow just about everything that has ever happened to us. However, the price of that overshadowing is very detrimental to our physical and mental health.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.3.21