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Harmony and Judgment Show Notes 1.14 22

Hello All, and welcome to 2022, where Harmony and Balance call us to re-establish our physical bodies.

Today’s topic was inspired by the Angel Blessings Card # 28 Charmiene from Kimberly Marooney, whose message is Harmony.

Let’s begin with the number 28, from (Angel Numbers – Joanne Sacred Scribes)in which the 2 represents “Balance and Harmony” and the number 8, which relates to “Divine life purpose and soul mission”.

It is a message for us all to be aware of the changes within us as part of a new Karmic Cycle in which ancient doors are closing as a new gateway opens and invites us to step forward on a new “heart-based” journey.

As we slowly move into the energies of this new cosmic cycle, we are not only tired and wounded from battling the 3rd world war of the last two years, and we are exhausted from thousands of years of slavery presented as freedom.

Yes, I look at the ongoing pandemic as a world war and part of a generational road of enslavement, of which some were as a collective intentional, yet the most difficult has been self-inflicted.

If you add the numbers 2 and 8, they become 10.

Zero is a new starting point as Omega is an infinite moment of no beginning and no end. The moment of infinity emanates from the point within the circle.

The Zero point of the field from which Heart Resonance emanates fills us with what we might call Source Energy that cannot ever be owned or controlled.

One represents our ability to create as a collective consciousness emanating from that Zero Point. One in which Harmony and Balance are the frequency in which Love is emanated into the Multiverse in which we take form.

The Course in Miracles card today tells us this,

“You are not really capable of being tired, but you are very capable of wearying yourself. The strain of constant judgment is virtually intolerable. T,47

The Angel Charmiene represents harmony and a quote from Buddha guides us,

“Good thoughts will produce good actions and bad thoughts will produce bad actions. Hatred does not cease by hatred at any time; hatred ceases by Love.”

– Buddha

Let us begin today to deepen into the harmony within our hearts that is buried beneath the pain and suffering of lifetimes and become aware of what it means to be released.

I used the word released because it no longer serves any purpose in our evolutionary moment except as extra baggage and a weight of darkness that will not enter nor can it enter into the future self we are now co-creating.

Our time of self-acceptance and self-worth is now the most valuable treasures that we can seek, and all of the tears of the past will evaporate when we come home to the center of our hearts and dive deeply into the pool of grace that awaits us and invites us to come home.

The key for this to happen is to be truthful with yourself, stand up for who you indeed are, and not be against anything other than the overwhelming suffering created within your heart space throughout your lifetime.

This pain and suffering may have been caused by family, friends, harsh judgments from yourself as a result of not feeling worthy or not good enough due to the judgment, and this is what we are leaving behind.

We all have good and bad feelings, which create energies that become the hidden forces of our actions. When we recognize these energies arising within us, and before we react to something, this is the point at which change of the future occurs, that single moment.

If we deny recognizing that moment and go on as we have in the past, dismissing the pain or the suffering that it triggers, we are saying I’m going to keep carrying all of this with me into the future.

When that happens, we become responsible for our future suffering and cannot blame it on others, for we are the ones who have seen it, denied it and chose to bring it forward with us.

So my message this morning is one of being extremely observant this year as to what triggers you and what brings up these emotional pains that cause us to react in anger or judgment. Let us remember that this is all old stuff being replayed to a different audience.

All of the pain that we suffer when no one else is around us is ours; let us now choose to let it go, let it flow with the energies of the past that no longer exist because we only live in this one single moment.

Every word I say is a new moment as I speak to you. That unique moment is a spark of energy in which you can change anything within your mind about who you are, what you are, and where you will be in the next moment.

When those energies, as thoughts arise, the key is to ground yourself to mother earth and know that all of nature is here to help you release that pain and suffering.

Take some time to be in nature and listen to the wind and the leaves rustling across the ground, to the water flowing in the stream of the river, to the ocean, to the birds.

Listen to whatever attracts your attention that is a natural part of life, not machinery, not airplanes, not somebody screaming and hollering. Listen to the pure sound of nature.

I highly recommend finding sounds of nature as recordings on YouTube or SoundCloud or wherever you may find them.

Practice taking time out to listen to nature, for it is mother earth who has the capacity t to heal us all and assist us.

As we heal, we heal her as well. We cannot separate from mother earth and nature and still call ourselves human.

Thank you for listening or reading this today, and I hope that it impresses a new line of thought within your physical presence.

One in which you think about who and what you might genuinely be when you’re not being led or controlled by the mental environment created by humanity around you.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.14.22

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