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Each of us is here right now to offer each other the best of who WE are.

The following words are my “Riverman Mantra”, which came through me when I had lost everything of any value that we humans hold to be precious and dear.

Everyday Is An Adventure

It Can Be Your Wildest Fantasy

Or Your Worst Nightmare

“You” Choose

Your Wildest Fantasy Is A Limited Thought

And Your Worst Nightmare Is Just An Illusion

~Charlie Riverman Bergeron~

It speaks of who WE TRULY ARE, deep within OUR HEART.

It reminds us that our most significant loss throughout life is our deep inner heart connection, not something outside of us.

The Gift of Life, which comes from within…

Each breath is a Gift of Life that began as physical pain in both Mother and Child during birthing. There was great pain but no suffering.

The suffering follows as the illusion of separating from who we indeed and genuinely are as One, began.

Let us now remember and return to Our Divine Wholeness.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.19.22