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SHOW NOTES 2.11.22

Having and Giving

A Course in Miracles card I pulled this morning reads,

“having rests on giving and not getting.”

Today, as we look around the world, we see a problem in our human relationships.

We are being taught that fear can overwhelm joy in more ways than we have ever experienced.

We are then diminished to a state of insecurity and questioning life from a place of shadows within us.

So the question today for us all is, “Are we recognizing the fear within us and unknowingly sharing it with each other?”

What do we have as individuals that we can give to each other to improve relationships and encourage a sense of reconciliation among 7.9 billion humans in 257 countries which intentionally or are generating fear?

We each already have the ability to change our focus from wanting to have more to give of what we have without the fear of loss.

The more we know who we are and what we have within our hearts, the easier it becomes to offer it to others.

Giving from our hearts creates a warm glow within us like a candle that flares brighter and provides more light. It offers others to feel appreciated and being seen as worthy.

Giving from our hearts helps us to lift ourselves emotionally and overpowers the fears within us by confirming we are worthy.

Worthiness is not about material objects or power. It is held in the vessel of kindness, and when we choose to return to thoughts and acts of kindness, fear is not only diminished, our self-worthiness is restored.

Then Love not only displaces fear but diminishes its presence in others with whom we share the gratefulness we feel in our hearts.

So please think about how you might shift your inner awareness from wanting and having to how can I share what I am with others, and in that transition, what is truly needed for your joy will appear without so much struggle.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.11.22