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Each of us is deepening into who and what we are, and we are taking a journey to rediscover who we are and how we are, to live with each other in the future.

1000s of years ago, our ancestors lived in harmony in their tribes. And as they expanded into the world and met other tribes, their simplicity and innocence eroded and became hostile. The process of ownership and who’s in charge, and all of these things came about. They tried to make treaties with each other, tried to get along with each other yet, it always brought up a part of us that wasn’t getting the whole message that we are all one humanity.

Yesterday the Global Heart Team message was about Re-humanizing the Global Heart. So today’s topic of onward and inward in peace is appropriate for all of us.

I want everybody to think about what’s happening within us to deal with changing things, both Earthwise, personally, and collective humanity.

It is essential to know that each one of us has an opportunity to participate in this in ways that we may not have been aware of, or we may have we may wish to do, but we don’t feel safe enough, or we don’t feel we have the power to do that.

We’re moving onward and upward and creating a space for humanity to take a look at itself as a whole. Then, we can stop all of these divisions and all of this judgment.

I believe that it will take perhaps many generations to do this. But this is the starting point where many of us who are looking at life around us have a choice to choose, do I be friendly? Do I be loving? Do I be kind? Or, do I take the role of victim and hang on to that belief that everybody is victimizing me.

As a victim, I need to fight, and I need to argue, and I need to defend myself. But, unfortunately, the way we have behaved as human beings over the past 1000s of years has certainly not been kind to anything living.

We have now reached a point of pollution in this world, a point of destruction, a point of greed, that has never been the likes of here before.

We are the ones who created it.

We are the ones who keep sustaining it.

And we are also the ones who have the power to change it all.

So let us begin with what I wrote yesterday for the Global Heart Team.

Rehumanizing the Global Heart

Softly I breathe into my Heart

seeking the precious connection

between us all as humans

there within that field

of Heart resonance

true living presence has no enemies

for we are led from the Higher Self

to share equally our loving-kindness

with all living presence

Love is the Essence of Living

that softens the brittle nature around us all

through compassion and consideration for others

Those attributes are what we are missing

in so many ways and need to re-establish within

offering deep consideration for the life of all

and in that opening heart process

we rehumanize humanity with compassion

without struggle or fear of judgment

Embracing the Whole World and lifting it

into new dimensions of understanding

and the true meaning of Love for All

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.3.22

Written for the Global Heart Team

Take a deep breath.

How important is it to have a love for all?

Can we do that? The answer is yes. We can.

Here is the message that my dear friend KA’ryna SH’ah shared with the world the other day. It comes through years of her working within herself to share with others.

“We are the Shining Ones….we are here to bless all with the Living Light of Grace.” – KA’ryna SH’ha

This One is very special to me…Read and Share.

We are the shining ones….we are here to bless all with the Living Light of Grace.

We bring forth a wave of Immaculate Presence to fill the hearts, souls, bodies, and beings with Divine Sustenance.

A gift of deep nourishment for the aching psyche in search of its true origins.

Simple, immaculate, and wholly ever-present this Gift of Grace shines through us as we honor each life before us.

We meet in resonance and welcome each being to open their true nature and shine.

To offer the steady hand of our encouragement and say, “only you can decide to rise up.”

We cultivate and encourage growth through inward silent gazing, as we sit in our witnessing presence…abiding in our utmost unspoken truth.

We came, to be here at this time, to steady the Hearts and Minds of those trembling with insecurity as worldviews fall apart…and yet a new vision of awareness is at hand to guide our presence gently home.

We are here to restore the “original intent of creation” with the realization and actualization of our oneness and unity with the source of all being.

God is Light and We are Light, for we are made in the name and nature of all that is.

At times it feels like a destabilizing whirlwind of shaking and quaking, as the core essence of our being comes back to life after eons of dormancy and sleep.

A raging river of Light floods the senses, as we are carried along in a torrent of Love… imploding our emotional body with deep inner knowing and silent awakening truths.

Consciousness itself is experiencing a profound pole-shift…all of the old Archetypes that have underpinned civilization, outdated narratives and storylines are dissolving.

Foundations upon which we held steadfast in belief, are shaking and cracking, as the new way pushes up from the core of our Divine Awareness.

Exhausted from clinging to the familiar and comfortable, many simply don’t know how to truly let go of their treasured beliefs.

There is confusion and uncertainty as pathways once relied upon, fade and disappear.

What worked before, no longer applies.

For much of humanity is starving for meaning and deliverance out the current circumstances.

Asking to be shown the way through this narrow passage from one age and epoch into another.

How do we clear the confusion that clutters our hearts and distorts our perception of real, deep, and profound connection?

Where are we called to be, as the great quickening arrives?

To this we offer this answer….

We are here to exemplify the way, by being way-showers of our individuated acts of Inspired Creation.

We live the way in each breath that is consistently aligned within the Heart of our inner glowing awareness.

We offer the way through gathering in sacred circle and upholding council in our silent prayers and living light-songs of the remembrance and recognition that we Already Are what we Long to Become.

We instill the way, in our daily living as a whole and holy celebration of being, as our food and sustenance of being welcomes others to abide and restore their way of receiving life.

Not just as subsistence and but as a revelatory experience of profound existence.

Rising up from the depths of the soul; finally surfacing after eons of preparation, is a revelation of a whole new Spirit of Being.

One that co-aligns and coalesces in the acceleration of Light entering our Hearts.

For in truth, it’s in the Heart of our Hearts where all transformation occurs. Not the mind.

It is not capable of perceiving and conceiving, the Eternal and Infinite shift …only the Heart of the Heart, our Infinite Self is capable of receiving the harmonizing radiance that fills the instrument of our communion with awareness and awakening to the “Source of All That Is”.

The Heart of our Heart is always in direct union with the whole. An in-built divined design that is the wholly instilled with the Presence of Divine Reciprocity and Devotional Love that fills our whole being, with the gift of Grace.

Once the Spirit of Cosmic Unity arises and arrives in the Heart, the mind simply aligns with the great unifying principle and bows down in service to the One. It acknowledges and recognizes the Luminous Leadership of the master-presence streaming through, and therefore accedes to the true nature of Life, Light and Divine Love.

So we say this unto you…you who are listening and awaiting the call to rise, arrive, and act upon the great inspiration and illumination entering in from your Eternal Self.

We are here for you, to simply be with you as you adjust and recalibrate yourself to the ever-flowing radiance of soul and source guidance that is actualizing your True Nature.

Not to do anything for you….just to abide and stand in our presence, as you transition into your effulgent (shining) true nature.

We have always (in all ways) been here…. as individuated guardians and guides, living human forms offering gifts of the Spirit.

We are within you as illumined messages and deep inner knowing’s…we reside in that powerful Place of the utmost High and offer our Heart-Soul Presence to those ready to live the True Spirit of Light and Life.

We offer the wonders, and awe of Exquisite Beauty, that Crowns your most glorious Truth…just by being here and remaining here until all have passed through the gate of Heaven’s Eternal Light.

Behold the wonders of your true nature… Simply by being present in the presence that offers the great wisdom of the ages.

Of things that come and go, the impermanence of matter that is ever-transmuting and transitioning into new forms of existence, and finally the Eternal Promise of the ever-bearing and ever-renewing spirit of the Gift of Grace that offers love to all awakening beings.

The gift of life and consciousness… that which lives Eternally within Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence.

It is our birthright to return and reattune ourselves to this holy and unbounded truth.

Once again, we state in all Loving Presence, “We are here to restore the “original intent of creation” with the realization and actualization of our oneness and unity with the source of all being. God is Light and We are Light, for we are made in the name and nature of all that is.”

May we harmonize our Hearts with source of our true nature and simply live as our Natural Divinity resounds through all Eternity.

Remember this…

“all is innocence, none are to blame, no one did anything wrong, you are not being punished, you are simply coming into the fields of awareness that are fully intact in the wholeness and holiness of your true nature.”

KA’ryna SH’ha

I hope you could think about the moments in that reading that hit you with awareness or a hopeful message. A beautiful soul received a message and chose to share it with us.

I want you all to come deep into your hearts and know that there is nothing more important than our breathing into our hearts and seeking the connection between us all within this field of unity that we indeed are. Love is the essence of living, and opening our hearts is the most important thing we can do right now.

I know it hurts. I know there are many things we need to offer forgiveness for and end.

I know the journey is going to be a challenge.

The other day, it hit me as a form of withdrawal, like a drug addict or an alcoholic who goes through periods of withdrawal that affect their psychological and physical beingness.

What we’re experiencing now is a collective withdrawal from our addiction to power and our addiction to control. We are now at the point where we must return and remember who we are as Love, Light, and Peace.

Thank you. I respect you, and may each of you open your hearts and not fear, for you are the amazing grace that exists on Earth right now.

I Love you. I thank you. I respect you. I am you, and you are me.

We are unity, and our human experience is precious.

It’s a gift. Let us honor that gift.

And let us honor the gift we have in each other.

Bless you, all, for being here. Thank you.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.4.22