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SHOW NOTES: 1.28.22
Confusion vs Optimization

Welcome to the last Friday in January of 2022, where confusion and optimization came to me after watching a Hawk sitting on a tree limb in full view of all the birds at my bird feeders. Both of them knew the other was there.

The smaller birds knew that just as they were seeking to survive the cold winter, so too was the Hawk, yet they could quickly become his.

I could feel the confusion and fearful caution as each bird would dive and not stay long at the feeders. They reminded me of us as humans right now, who are in a state of confusion about our survival during the past two years.

We are like the many birds watching the Hawk and wondering if we are in danger or do we believe that the Hawk is no threat and carry on as if there was no danger in sight.

We, as humans, are funny birds! We are constantly gathering and chatting to the point that we no longer can understand what we are trying to communicate.

The rapidly changing structure of the world we live in tells us we must carefully choose our next moves. But unfortunately, our sustainability is constantly weakened by selfish choices rather than those beneficial for all life on Mother Earth.

The word optimization arose as my computer was not responding very well to several of my choices of seeking specific information that I could share with each of you today.

Interesting that we have programs to optimize our computers, but for ourselves or the world in which we live, the programs appear to weaken the system rather than solve the problems within it.

So the question for each of us today becomes how we optimize our lives to move out of the confusion and co-create better sustainability without fearful control of others.

The answer lies within each of us, of course.

How can we shift our thinking and behavior to respond without violence or separation?

The answer, of course, is to look within our hearts and recognize how out of balance we may be.

Not to create judgment but to honestly see what we might change into more positive energy.

Instead of all the wanting and arguing, we let us see what we can contribute to each other.

Caring for each other comes from within us caring about ourselves.

Meaning we must optimize ourselves first.

It doesn’t take much more than saying to yourself, “I want to be happy and free to live my life in balance and harmony.”

We are then finding ways to achieve it without harming or destroying others. Not just in your family but around the world as we are one family of humans. Despite what we have been living or taught!

So let’s optimize our ways of thinking not by erasing the past but by finding what is no longer beneficial for all.

I know that it won’t happen instantly. Yet, suppose we do not leave the confusion outside of us and optimize the internal self. In that case, our future generations will live in a world of electro illusion and not know their full potential as Humanity.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.28.22