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Positive Enablers – Show Notes

My word for today as I arose was enabling, not a comment I have been very fond of.

Many of us have been told that we were enablers in a very negative way when we were going through a challenging emotional situation or perhaps with someone we love struggling with illness.

Yet, there is a positive side in which we are assisting others to let go of their fears and become who they indeed are.

Our world today has become a place of mistrust and fear-based separation based on enabling those who are our leaders not to be held personally accountable for their destructive enabling. Creating a dynamic environment of insecurity as mistrust obstructs our evolutionary expansion as humans.

Positive enabling is our inner ability to see from our hearts and offer kindness to others so that they, too, can see through the darkness of any situation by administering Peace, Light, and Love to all who are experiencing deficient levels of self-reliance.

It is a deep respect for the sovereignty of each of us that overrides rules and regulations created to have individual souls follow a leader.

Each of us is being asked to dive deeper into the waters of our past. And to remove all the plastic that is choking us and limiting our ability to evolve.

When we think of pollution in the world around us, we also have to recognize that which is within us.

We must re-enable our minds to see beyond what our eyes and ears acknowledge. We are to look deep within our hearts and listen to the inner voice of greater wisdom.

It is there within us that Positive Enabling takes form and creates a field of deep inner self-worthiness.

A Positive Enabler Awakening is happening, and each of you has an invitation to participate.

You are far more potent than ever taught or understood in the world of controls around you.

Let us Love one another more deeply by offering our Love to each other rather than living in fear of hunger and death.

The homelessness and starvation we refuse to look at and do anything about is our inner self crying for us to become Positive Enablers at the most basic level of human survival.

Rise and Shine and find what you can do to shift the human consciousness back into evolutionary spiraling and fullness.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.22.22